Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande Perform at Billboard Music Awards

Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea shared the stage for a mash-up performance at Sunday’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Joined by the University of Las Vegas cheerleading squad, the Aussie rapper kicked things off with a Clueless-inspired performance of her hit “Fancy” with Charli XCX.

Decked out in black and white, Ariana followed with her mod-themed set for “Problem,” on which Iggy joined her for the second time following Wango Tango last weekend.

They received praise from their peers including Kelly Rowland, who wrote, “Ariana & Iggy are killing it! Get it ladies!”

See the femme fatales work the stage.

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  1. Jay



  2. ludooo

    this is the meaning of rap for gays


    bobs Reply:

    @ludooo, yeah because they aren’t rapping about cash or raping women.


  3. punkiret

    wonder how nicki felt to see Iggy take her throne HAHAHA


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @punkiret, Yeah because Onika was really bothered by this boring ass performance… *rolls eyes*

    In order for Iggy to take the throne/crown she has to drop better verses than Onika.

    You do know how rap works? Or are you just another delusional fan?

    Iggy’s debut album flopped. Nicki’s debut album DIDN’T. Can we not make retarded comparisons? Comparing Iggy to Nicki? LMAOOOOOOO BYE FELICIA. You’re hyped over this whack ass performance & her flop ass album. The Queen of Rap’s third album will be out soon :)



    Paul Reply:

    @Bitches In Paris, Ok so that technically means Kim is still the queen coz none of her verses can see the bee’s


    Justcoastwitha Reply:

    @Paul, if actually Kim wrote her rhymes, you may have had a valid argument #fixitjesus


    punkiret Reply:

    @Bitches In Paris, you mad or nah, last time I check she didn’t even get ask this year to perform not even her team LOL.


    Rai Reply:

    @Bitches In Paris, lol actually her album didn’t flop! It’s actually the No.2 hip/hop album in the country :)


    @Mick_Knox Reply:

    @Rai, thank you been waiting for a non delusional person to say this. And the two songs they performed is in the top 10 of the billboard 100. So who’s flopping? Clearly not Iggy


  4. conner

    yay iggy!!


  5. ccine

    they both did really great!!!


  6. wheeet?

    yassss iggy killin it! Fancy and problem is THE Summer Bop!

    get that money mommy.


  7. ITMAN

    Ariana still looks like a prostitute I mean when she dances you can almost see her crack !


  8. JD

    Charli XCX & Ariana killed those vocals. Ariana put out the best most comfortable performace of this song yet. Iggy was forgettable.


  9. Girl Bye, Both Ya'll

    I can not hear what the hell she is saying! She sounds like she’s mumbling.



    lets see after #PillsNPotions drops who is the real queen of rap


    CupidsEgo Reply:

    I find it so cute that Ariana thanked iggy!


  11. EmoChick

    I’m not a huge pop fan (screamo is where it’s at) buuuut this song is pretty good



    Iggy’s live rapping irks my soul. She can never catch the beat.


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