Usher and Adam Levine Cover D’Angelo’s ‘Untitled’ on ‘The Voice’

Usher and Adam Levine

Usher and his fellow coach Adam Levine put the competition aside, just for a moment, and came together for a special performance on Monday’s season finale of “The Voice.”

With their clothes still on (sorry, ladies), the R&B superstar and Maroon 5 frontman dueted on a steamy cover of D’Angelo’s Grammy-winning hit “Untitled (How Does It Feel).”

You could feel the heat radiating from the stage as the fellas sang in their falsettos, leaving the crowd begging for more.

Usher also joined his artist Josh Kaufman on a cover of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.”

Watch both performances below.

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  1. Yaya

    Adam was basically a backup singer until the end. Usher did the song right. This is a hard song to make sound right and Ursher baby did his thang. Adam did great at the end.


  2. Deeeeeznnuts

    Wow. Levine was terrible, and Usher was….alright I guess but damn they did not do that song justice lol. Sounded like some karaoke at the local bar. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, and I know that song is very hard to cover because nobody has that “thing” that D’angelo has. The ending was cringeworthy I’m sorry. Just bad.


  3. Deejay

    Adam Levine…….boy. Any day. Any day. You can have it all. I’m just sayin.


  4. coolness

    Okay… Like many who watched this pontes out. This song is quite hard to pull off because it’s so subtle during some parts, more powerful in others and requires a lot of conviction. It’s an R&B CLASSIC. I will simply say that it lacked the smoothness that D’Angelo had. However, I think Usher outshined Levine in this one. Not surprised because this is a Soul song so he was right at home. He (Usher) must take very good care of his instrument because his voice and vocal skills have actually improved with age. Adam came into his own at the end though but even his falsetto was no match for Usher’s. B-


  5. rnblove

    Usher The KING!


  6. Rob

    Usher KILLED it!!


  7. Tom

    Just shows how good D’angelo actually is… Decent attempt… Unknown contestants do better most weeks


  8. Static

    It was decent like Tom said. Both of them have pretty good falsettos.


  9. Gaz

    Both did amazing. Usher probably did more because it was his style of sound/music


  10. Mrs. Mabvuto Carpenter

    Wow!!loved this performance! Both did their thing!!! Where can I download it??? IJS…great job…and I absolutely love the original D’angelo version. But this too was a nice jam.


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