Video: Love Dollhouse – ‘Can I’

Love Dollhouse

Girls just wanna have fun. Just in time for summer, female R&B-pop group Love Dollhouse steps onto the scene in the video for their infectious single “Can I.”

Inspired by ’90s female groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child, the teenage trio from Detroit—Ryan, Jasmine, and Chelsea—cruise through L.A. and show off their dance moves in the fun and flirty video, directed by Erik White.

“Can I” was penned by Claude Kelly and Ashley Rose, and produced by Jon Jon Traxx (Beyoncé, Jessie J).

After a few member changes, Love Dollhouse has signed with Capitol Records in partnership with Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons’ new label All Def Music, and is currently recording its full-length debut.

See the girls in action below.

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  1. X0X0II

    There are soo cute
    There career is just beginning , its looks very promising. The dark skinned one is the cutest out of the bunch lol


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @X0X0II, I can tell that you’re attempting to compliment the group, but why did you have to call homegirl the “dark sinned” one? Personally, I believe that such lingo is divisive toward the African-American community, and while your case is mild, I can’t help but feel that it stems from that #teamlightskin #teamdarkskin shit. So stop.


    Ccine Reply:

    @Mandela Barb, she called her dark skinned because she is DARK SKINNED. I mean damn she/he doesn’t know the girls name, so they classified her as the characteristic that popped out the most. It seems like ur offended because u think being called dark skinned equates to being called ugly, such as being called long nosed. AND IT’S NOT! dark skinned people need to own their beauty, and be dark skinned and proud!


    Usher Reply:

    @X0X0II, God damn I’m in love with her. She looks so cute.


  2. Supreme

    They’re okay


  3. Major Sushi

    A splash of TLC


  4. Mao_the_cat

    cutie pies


  5. fa

    Girl with red shirt ,please smile more!


  6. TRP

    Just another girl group who will never have an album out.


    LaMont Reply:

    @TRP, You said that right!!!


  7. Dustin

    Meh… They’re giving me 3LW in look and sound. It’s all pretty damn dated.


  8. Malik

    Wow this is really good. Why can’t music go back to this? Ppl always talking about something being dated. This is good shit


    vladica07 Reply:

    @Malik, I agree, this is cute and I wish them to succeed!


  9. Leon

    Girls are pretty. Songs not that great though, if I’m being 100% honest.


  10. mumi

    The girl with the red shirt has a stunning cover of Beyoncé’s “I miss you” on youtube. It’s the best cover I’ve ever heard. Just search “I miss you cover” and you’ll find it.


  11. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    They sound splendid, but they need wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better beats. :(


  12. Roy C.

    Thank you girls and the producer,I Roy C. Hammond
    the writer and arranger of the original track on can I, a derivaties of Impeach The President. Thanks to you all. from Roy C.


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    φυσικα σαπουνια || Video: Love Dollhouse – ‘Can I’

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