New Music: Michelle Williams f/ Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland – ‘Say Yes’

Say Yes

Praise the Lord. Destiny’s Child gets back together as solo members on Michelle Williams’ new song “Say Yes.” Beyoncé, Michelle, and Kelly celebrate the Almighty on the uplifting, gospel tune, which boasts a dance floor-ready beat courtesy of Harmony Samuels.

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no,” sing the ladies.

The infectious jam, inspired by a traditional Nigerian praise song, will appear on Michelle’s upcoming fourth album Journey to Freedom.

Take it to church with DC3.

UPDATE: The song is now available on iTunes. Watch the lyric video below.

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  1. PillsNPotions

    I Love It…..Cant Wait 4 The Video!!


  2. Justin Timberlake

    Just stop with this garbage. Make music for everyone.


    itman Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, bitch what’s that supposed to mean ? If you don’t like the Lord you don’t have to listen but ain’t nobody’s forcing you to listen to it !
    WTF people these days ! having faith in God has become a shame now PRAISE GOD


    MonsieurKnowles Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, Why are you hatin on every post? Get a life!!


    JAMK Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, Fuck you. Artists aren’t supposed to waste there time making music for filthy scum like you.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, Did you just diss a Christian song?


    TA The Rager Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, They’re praising god. how dare u


    liliana Reply:

    Why are you all insulting ‘justin timberlake’ ?
    Ok he doesn’t like the song …big deal … that’s his right (and he has the right to comment on a public website as well)
    What shocks me is how comfortable some of you are to use inappropriate words in the same sentence as the words “Lord” or God!!
    Amazing song!! Love my Jesus so much :)


  3. Islander2007

    This is going to be a HUGE hit with islanders. I could see this as the song for the Fifa World cup. Good job Michelle :)


  4. taytay

    yes for this calypso-inspired beat, though. praise him! #dc3 #hallelu


  5. Darlan

    The beat is siiick, greaaat song !!


  6. wait a minute

    Looooove it ! DC-3 FOR EVER ;)


  7. Shutterbug

    After listening to their most recent notable solo material, I’mma tell you what Jesus told me (in Matthew 7:21-23)

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?’ Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers.’”


    Victoria Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Absolutely true but you frequent and troll this site on a regular basis. If you’re so holier than thou and self-righteous, why don’t you simply stop coming here? Thanks.


    satan? Reply:

    @Shutterbug, if this is the speaker for jeus i DEF in war with jesus .


  8. ashgino

    i like the original Michelle Williams version better, especially the one she recorded for Bobby Jones gospel show.


    Jonathan Gardner Reply:

    @ashgino, That song is WATCH ME PRAISE HIM by Deitrick Haddon and the Voices of Unity.

    It’s a completely different song, wow.


  9. Realistically

    I like the fact that Beyonce will ONLY collaborate with people she has a relationship with or respects. I mean, I guess that’s the only way other people could afford her.


    d Reply:

    @Realistically, well i don’t like it. I think she should do more features or at least have other people feature on he stuff besides jay-z.


  10. Cool vibes

    Kelly out sung them to be honest.. Nice track! Something to twerk to in church.


    Kaka Reply:

    @Cool vibes, TRUTH.COM


  11. Lola

    Worst Destiny’s Child of all time. It seems a children tune from nursery school.


  12. Marii

    I really don’t like gospel music but I have listened to all of the songs Michelle put out for this upcoming album and loved them all. I love Bey’s and Kelly’s versatility when it comes to the songs they sing. You can put their voice on any beat or sing about any genre and they got it.


    Aurther Reply:

    @Marii, what makes this classify as gospel? Just because she is singing about god and Jesus doesn’t make it a gospel. If Beyoncé or Kelly recorded this song themselves it would be classified as R&B or soul music, the beat, the vocals, pure R&B nd I’m happy for Michelle she’s really coming into her own with this album and it’s sounding amazing!


  13. Mao_the_cat

    when Jesus says YES nobody can say no


  14. arno

    this sounds like a gospel song from like Nigeria or Cameroon!


  15. d truth

    D chorus is a Very popular Nigerian gospel song


  16. ODH

    Its a Nigerian tune. yo. Up Naija.! could have done better on the baseline tho. Not a bad try at all. loving it so far. Dope


  17. JD

    I like it, it’s something different or them; even with Michelle on lead their voices go beautifully together.


  18. tuuune

    this is for the people that want to praise whilst making the booty drop


  19. T

    kelly kiled them all ,,beyonce? gospel ?/ what a disgrace to church music,, wasnt she just on a surfboard??


    mkl Reply:

    @T, yep i’m sure you are perfect in every way. So you can talk about her right. how dare you critize someone for praising God


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @T, if you want to put the Word on Drunk in Love & “surfboard” … beyonce & jay z (shawn) are married so their bed is undefiled. so not only does God approve of it but He also blesses the fruit that they create. you “Christians” are so judgemental, it’s sad. so quick to condemn others but will most likely to be the first sitting in hell.


  20. Zelly

    I know this is Michelle’s song she got down fr but KELLY????? OhMyJesus she brought and delivered impeccably. Her vocals on this song got my life all the way together.A lil disappointed in Beyonce section tho she coulda did better and we all know she can kill without goin overboard


  21. mkl

    Its an African (Nigerian) church song!!


  22. K3YSHON

    Mannn the all sound great but KELLY DID THAT THANG!!! She took no prisoners on this one. Love this joint though!


  23. IV.

    This song is kinda cheesy in a good way, I guess but when Kelly came in at the end and was sangin’ on a gospel record I got my life. Of course King was amazing and Michelle was cute but that damn Kelly turnt up.


  24. Jay Michaels

    When Jesus says yes nobody can day no


  25. steve

    This a praise song from Nigeria. I have been singing this since I first stepped foot in church. #UpNaija


  26. Nathan

    666 the hands of beyonce. BITCH


  27. AP

    I know this industry.

    This is a great and uplifting song!

    It’s great for Michelle, Beyonce isn’t dominating the song.

    It looks good for Beyonce, in regards to what happened a couple weeks back. This is a Christian song about Jesus. Amen.

    Stop hating and just… enjoy the music guys.

    Lv is Lv,



  28. Jarboo89

    Im impressed by Kelly’s part, wow! She killed it, overall, it’s a great song though.



    kelly & Beyounce; indeed, when JESUS say yes nobody can say no.It’s an old Nigerian song I leant to sing in the sunday school when growing up in Zaria, kaduna state.Thanks for adding flavour to it.


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