Video: Jason Derulo f/ Snoop Dogg – ‘Wiggle’

Snoop Dogg, Jason Derulo, and Ne-Yo

After going double platinum with “Talk Dirty,” Jason Derulo follows up his 2 Chainz-assisted hit with “Wiggle,” the latest single off his album Talk Dirty.

The pop crooner celebrates all things booty alongside Snoop Dogg in the Colin Tilley-directed clip, which was shot at a mansion in Bel Air. Jason starts his day by waking up in a bed full of hot women and throws a crazy pool party, which draws Snoop, Ne-Yo, and even the cops.

“‘Wiggle’ is one of my favorite songs on the album,” Jason told Billboard. “After I finished recording it I knew it would be a special record, so I reached out to the big OG homie, Snoop, and he blessed me with an incredible verse, and now the record is out of here. When we were making the video I wanted to capture the fun and light nature of the song, as well as highlight the dancing and swag that the song represents.”

Get wet and wild with Jason and friends.


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  1. Usher

    Another hit! Keep it up Jason!


  2. tee

    TUNE!!. Love Jason Derulo.

    This got me feeling a bi sad though. Was imagining Chris Brown singing this song, reminded me of him. Sigh can’t wait for him to get back on his feet


  3. Mao_the_cat

    snoop looks like a nasty dawg


  4. Jason did it again

    he keep dropping smash singles non stop. This could be another “talk dirty”


  5. lalala

    why. is. he. growing. on. me?!


    Erin Reply:

    @lalala, Me too. And I don’t understand it…at all.


  6. meme

    I said this from 2 years ago. Jason is replacing Chris. This guy can dance is ass off, sings very well, and he’s a nice respectable dude. His music is very consistant. Wish him all the best


    KillaHeart Reply:

    @meme, love this comment. people been sleeping on Derulo for years lol


    Bob builder Reply:

    @meme, COME ON GIRL! Lets be honest with ourselves, Aint nobody replacing Chris Brown. This Jason smash is only happening because CB is in Jail. As soon as he’s back he will KILL the RnB game AGAIN.

    Jason is only keeping the thrown seat warm for Chris. Aint non of Jason’s song can touch LOYAL. Loyal was a top 10 hit even with Chris in Jail. That should tell how amazing CB is.

    But don’t get me wrong, I agree that Jason is doing well with his new songs but doesn’t have the edge and raw talent of Chris brown.


  7. Courtney M

    I love this video and song. Good job Jason!


  8. .

    so everyone all of sudden liking this flamer when chris is in jail…shows you how when great talent goes away for a little, you start liking a worse alternative…cant wait for the homie CHRIS BROWN to come out of jail… HE GONNA TAKE OVER THE GAMe again by storm…o wait, he already is with LOYAL


    coolness Reply:

    @., You act like Chris is this talent extraordinaire. He’s nothing but a glorified back up dancer. Shoot, both he and Jason are.


    MRB Reply:

    @coolness, Im sorry but I have to totally disagree! Chris Brown is very talented! He can sing, dance and he writes hits! Even if you don’t like him or not Chris Brown runs circles around this man! Not hating on Jason’s come up but he’s not someone people really want to pay to see. Chris Brown has more hit records under his belt then this man has anything. People want to drag him in the mud now because of his troubles but lets see Jason write a hit record. Chris has written for a lot of people. Im sorry but Jason will not be on his level no matter what he releases because if Chris Brown doesn’t come back right some new younger attractive artist will take the spot from him!!


    Bob builder Reply:

    @MRB, Completely agree with you. People forget how determine CB is. I’m mean he couldn’t even ruin his own career with his nonsense. He is the most talented artist in ‘commercial’ RNB period.


  9. coolness

    I’m gonna keep it real. Jason is talented and seems like a humble guy so he deserves his shine. However, his music is so corny, lol but whatever works for him I guess. The public eats up his singles and he’s had one of the biggest hits this year. I’m not keen on his voice and his dance moves don’t wow me but I like I said earlier, he’s a talented dude. People bringing up Chris Brown should have several seats. When Chris decides that he’s ready to fully commit himself artistically and let go of the bullshit, then we can have a conversation. Plus, he and Jason are not that different. Neither are vocalists. Chris is the better dancer, performer and makes better music for the most part though.


  10. Mao_the_cat

    another song about big ass, love the beat tho


  11. SaraJane

    Forget the urban community haters. He is Global. Jason Derulo is an international star with several hit songs around the world. International means across the globe and the USA, haters. Records, Albums, singles, or whatever; sales are sales hater morons. Jason Derulo doesn’t have time to worry about you urban community haters, as he’s world-wide. You need to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around the urban community in the USA. There are other humans across the globe. Stop dragging Jason into Chris B drama. Jason’s focus is bigger than that.


  12. Lola

    This is the best song Keep it up Jason And Snoop dogg! Love the rapping masterd it!


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