Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Married

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

It’s official. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tied the knot on Saturday in Florence, Italy.

The rapper, 36, and reality star, 33, wed in front of family and friends in a lavish ceremony at 16th-century Fort di Belvedere.

According to People, Bruce Jenner walked his stepdaughter down the aisle as Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli performed. Rich Wilkerson Jr., a pastor from North Miami, officiated the ceremony.

West was visibly nervous before the nuptials, sipping from a bottle of water and shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

“It was funny how nervous he was,” an insider tells People. “He clearly knew the gravity of what he was about to do. This morning he was all smiles, but as it got closer, you could see that the nerves were kicking in. It’s common for most grooms. I’ve seen it all before.”

The couple chose the Italian city because they conceived their daughter North there. They reportedly rented the fort, located next to Florence’s famed Boboli Gardens, for $410,000.

Kim’s mother and siblings were in attendance along with West’s father, Big Sean, Common, Tyga, and John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen.

This is the first marriage for West and the third for Kardashian. The couple began dating in 2012 and got engaged in October 2013 at San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

The wedding caps off a week of festivities. On Friday evening, Lana Del Rey serenaded the couple during a pre-wedding dinner in Versailles and earlier in the day, designer Valentino hosted a brunch for them at his 17th-century Parisian residence.

Big Sean


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Tyga and Blac Chyna

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  1. xoxo

    i might be the one but i really think they will last. congrats to them!


  2. Rozay-MMG

    I think this one is forever really happy for Ye. Couldn’t care for Kim lol. Anyway Tyga and his female dog lol just lol why lol


  3. wonderland19

    Hope its forever. Congrats to Mr and Mrs West.


  4. Nick Wright

    No jay and Bey?


    asslayer Reply:

    @Nick Wright i was thinking the samething


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Nick Wright, I’m not shocked & you shouldn’t be either. Rachel roy, one of Kim’s “besties”, attended. the brawl in the elevator between jay & solonge was reportedly about Rachel being disrespectful & flirting w/ jay in B’s face. so I can image b telling j she wasn’t going & neither was he. but I’m sure they sent a nice gift w/ their regards.



    Any valid reason why The Carters didn’t attend?

    I mean Kanye and Jay are like Brothers

    Like it wasn’t even being filmed.


  6. 2bad2bme

    everybody is tying the knot…well everyone who is maturing or straight. *coughs (50 cent)


  7. K

    Congratz to them.


  8. karamelkisses

    congrats! I now hope they both go away for a year or two, the hoopla surrounding these two & this wedding has been beyond annoying. I don’t know if or how long it will last but to each his own.


  9. Aunt Dot

    *yawns* and the overrated award goes to!!!!!!!! Y’all give these Gargoyles to much attention NEXT ——>


  10. bard727

    no one gives a shit! they are both fuk heads, cant stand them at all


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @bard727, Why are you on a post you don’t care about?


    bard727 Reply:

    @Bitches In Paris, cos this fricken site is suppose to be about music not stupid weddings of low life reality stars and a dik rappa…. is it about music?? NOOO. rapup should up their game this isnt a gossip site… im here for the GOOD music


  11. Syah

    So Rap-Up took these pictures?

    I doubt it…


  12. 19

    slow news day?


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