Rita Ora Covers ‘Drunk in Love’ at BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend

Rita Ora

Cigars on ice. Rita Ora paid homage to her friend and idol Beyoncé with a cover of “Drunk in Love” during BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend in Glasgow on Saturday. Rocking colorful braids and a jumpsuit from her adidas collection, the blonde Brit performed her version of Bey’s hit as the audience sang and snapped along.

She also covered Coldplay’s “Magic” and performed new material off her upcoming sophomore album including “Get a Little Closer,” “Touch the Sky,” and “I Will Never Let You Down.”

In addition to Rita, her boyfriend Calvin Harris, Pharrell, and Katy Perry shared the bill at the weekend festival.

Check out her cover and full set below.

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  1. Bey

    Rita is fire!!!!! Want to see her do more ballads, her voice is amazing!


  2. theitjournal

    this song is really sexy very sensual and “suave” and made it aggressive which doesn’t work at all and she sings the hook for like a whole minute before she starts singing
    Aint no bitches can sing a Bey song


  3. Musicjunkie

    Such a talented & humble girl . She will find success in due time . Im in love with her new record ‘ been on repeat hot min , & i didn’t know she was worth sooo much 145 ‘ she been slaying & we wasnt even knowing . Lol


  4. Anonymous

    Back up girl had me heated. Her key/tone was all wrong! Urgh… Good cover though


    KENBARBUK Reply:


    Chile I’m telling! 7 secs in and I turned it out


  5. sag



  6. V

    Rita is crazy. this is crazy. this made me question my sexuality


  7. ozzy

    The bitch has to sing other artists hits because she doesn’t have her own.


  8. Boo Thing

    She did that!


  9. Sharp Tongue

    She is the industries biggest puppet. Think about it she tries to be everybody but herself girl give it up.


  10. syncer3

    Never paid her really attention but she did a damn good cover!!!!


  11. Yolda Dei fpdyah dez

    Nice cover that she did.


  12. miss carter

    Now miss Rita Ora…as a member of the roc nation family i advise you to never attempt a beyonce song unless u absolutely nail it!
    that is all #AWFUL


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