New Music: Justin Bieber f/ Migos – ‘Looking for You’

Looking for You

Justin Bieber has been spending his days in Atlanta recording his next album. While in ATL, he linked up with “Versace” trio Migos for an unexpected collaboration called “Looking for You.” The teen superstar searches for love in the club on the synth-heavy banger, while Migos turn all the way up.

“I might be the guy that’ll make you wanna fall in love again,” sings the Biebs, while Migos deliver lines like, “My bitch is so gorgeous I might pay her mortgage.”

Bounce to Bizzle’s latest joint.

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  1. KEN.

    Is That Biebs?

    what kinda bop!




    He wanna be black so bad


    JustinFan4Eva Reply:


    And Drake wanna be hood so bad.


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @OVODRAKE, You can’t act a race u dumb prick


  3. Pills N Potions

    mmm….. I feel like Biebs thinks hes black..just a lil..Idk how I feel about this song just yet tho..


    Cassie Reply:

    @Pills N Potions, hes not trying to be a different race by singing a different genre of music? Y’all dumb.


    AH Reply:

    @Cassie, it’s not just the music. Look at how he talks, dresses, and carries himself. Justin is a try – hard poser.


  4. abby



  5. RyanZ

    Wait… this beat reminds me on something from Usher but I don’t know what


    Yeah Reply:

    @RyanZ, No it was a demo for Usher which is produced by Danjahandz!


  6. Katy



  7. SoundsAiight

    I kinda like this. It seems rushed though. And his voice sounds like it’s gone. Stop the weed, it’s ruining your voice.
    Good song choice, for his voice, but I agree with the rest of the posters, he has got to stop trying to be black. It’s not working.


    Norma Reply:

    He is not trying to be black.If u didn’t know he always said that he love R&B that he growing up listening that kind of music.He growing up alse listening rap all kind different styles of music. Just enjoy the music that it’s all about. @SoundsAiight,


  8. navi bieber

    justin you are awesome.wooooooooooooooo :)


  9. EL

    This is a really messy song.

    It’s all over the place and extra obnoxious.


    georgia Reply:

    @EL, its not messed up and all over the place at all its perfect


  10. Norma

    He is not trying to be black.If u didn’t know he always said that he love R&B that he grow up listening that kind of music.He grow up alse listening rap all different styles of music. Just enjoy the music, it’s all about the music.He is an Artist men. @SoundsAiight,


  11. Paige

    It’s too much going on in this song, yes for sure!! It’s all over the place some of those beats in the middle of the chorus should be gone. I like Migos part tho.


  12. Ismailin

    this song is perfect nananaan i’ve looking for you ♥ nananananaana


  13. coolness

    Potential banger but what’s up with Justin’s vocals. He never had a standout voice but it’s become increasingly thin and whiny on recent tracks. He either needs to lay off whatever he’s on or hire a vocal coach. Them vocals are dissipating and he’s not even 21 yet.


  14. Major Sushi

    Kind of boring.


  15. Yup

    hes starting to sound like chris breezzy


  16. Brad

    This you can dance to at the club.. What a improvement from what was hinted at on Music Mondays.. I have to agree though with some others.. JB lay off the weed it is seriously affecting your voice. Or get a better vocal coach before you ruin your voice.


  17. cooler

    His voice is perfect. The beat is perfect. This song is dope.


  18. georgia

    perfect, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it and its more up beat from music mondays


  19. Khadija

    Sexxxyyyy ting songggg


  20. Jermain

    This song would’ve been perfect with a better rapper i.e. Nas


  21. D w

    No love greater than the one you have with Selina. Do not be stupid and throw that away you never will find it again


  22. CURTISDonDeano

    He sound like breezy, and the song doesn’t sound completely mixed ….their vocals are really low and the beat is loud.


  23. FidelEmmanuel

    I think correct phrase is “He is trying to be urban.” I like Justin, he was in the pop lane now he in the urban lane. He’s not the only one who is doing it, he just has more notoriety. Ne-Yo was R&B, went pop, now he coming back to R&B. Justin just exploring his talent. #2Claps


  24. tasha

    Autotuned and whiny sounding. The Biebs has no voice left. Vocals are all produced in the studio now. The song is just so so.


  25. TanimOVOAhmed

    The song’s good, don’t think Migos suit the song.


  26. yOLAS fiopz dezx

    Good song and the hater can stfu keep it moving plus he ain’t tryna be black he jusst love R&b pop music people get a grip geez


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