Tracklisting: Trey Songz – ‘Trigga’


On July 1, Trey Songz will release his sixth album Trigga. The R&B heartthrob has revealed the tracklisting, which includes the DJ Mustard-produced single “Na Na” and “SmartPhones.”

The 13 tracks also feature appearances from Nicki Minaj, Mila J, Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J, and Justin Bieber, who appears on the remix to “Foreign.”

There is also a deluxe edition with four additional songs.

See Trigga’s tracklisting below.

Trigga Tracklisting

1. “Cake”
2. “Foreign”
3. “Na Na”
4. “Touchin, Lovin” feat. Nicki Minaj
5. “Disrespectful” feat. Mila J
6. “Dead Wrong” feat. Ty Dolla $ign
7. “All We Do”
8 .”Foreign (Remix)” feat. Justin Bieber
9 .”Late Night” feat. Juicy J
10. “SmartPhones”
11. “Yes, No, Maybe”
12. “Y.A.S”
13. “Change Your Mind”

Deluxe Edition

14. “What’s Best for You”
15. “Love Around the World”
16. “I Know (Can’t Get Back)”
17. “Mr. Steal Your Girl”

Trigga Tracklisting

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  1. Shutterbug

    What a sad state R&B’s gotten into…ten years ago, this guy had the co-sign of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin herself (I Gotta Make It remix)-fast-forward to Ready and he turned into just another “sex, sex and more sex-and not the deep kind either” showman.

    But I don’t hate the player…I just hate the game. Real R&B soul artists sadly don’t make the charts anymore (case in point Mila J’s ’06 buzz singles “Complete” and “Good Lookin’ Out”)


    NICK Reply:

    @Shutterbug, but your basing this only on the tracklisting. (P.S i thought i was the only one who knew about Mila j’s songs from 06! although you forgot to mention ‘NO MORE COMPLAINING’


    Whitney Reply:

    @NICK, Can’t forget “I’m Me” either!


    Morgan Reply:

    @Shutterbug, I agree! Trey’s first album was so real and raw and I flipped out when I heard Aretha Franklin on that remix with him. R&B of substance takes time — i.e. John Legend’s “All of Me.” I still enjoy some of Trey’s music but I’ve given up on him as far as making music of quality and it’s sad because, from his first album, I was certain we were finally being graced with a talented singer (which he is) who would break from convention.


  2. moneyhoney

    I loooovvvveeee the album art.


  3. wonderland19

    Trey Songz hasn’t had a real hit album since ‘Ready’. The rest have been basic. He is too scared of abandoning his ‘Sex symbol’ status and making real music that he has become basic. If he continues to play this game, he will never become rememberable. There are a thousand rob guys who can this place. For example, August Alisina. Trey isn’t irreplaceable.


  4. EveRyder

    I’m ready for this album Trey Trey,but I’m smdh at some of these features. Why why why is juicy j and especially justin beiber on ur damn album? There r so many R&B girls that could’ve used some more exposure to get radio play and on the charts such as sevyn streeter,keke wyatt,candice glover,ashanti,ciara,k.michelle,fantasia,and so many others. This why R&B is slowly fading and about to be taken over by pop and alternative music artists. Trey u my boi and all,but damn.



    Trey will never top “READY”. That was his last commercially successful and musically successful album. I really wanted him to experiment with a different sound on this album. Idk we’ll see. And Yass at another Trey & Nicki collaboration. Bottoms Up was her first top 5 or top 10 I think.


    A Realist Reply:

    @GEEZUS, Her first Top 10 was Bedrock in 2009…


  6. Trigga

    WTF is Justin Bieber in this tracklist?


  7. Carolyn felix

    I have heard the new album and so far i like it I love Na Na and smart phones is a beautiful ballad. Keep up the good work Trey. I look forward to purchasing your new CD. Remember dont listen to the negativity out their,stay positive and soar high up above like the Eagle i know you are. love carolyn


  8. baby boi

    Trey is the best ,just can’t wait to get the album


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