Beyoncé and Solange Celebrate Chime for Change Anniversary

Beyoncé and Solange

Beyoncé stepped out to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Chime for Change on Tuesday. The “Drunk in Love” singer traded in her braids for blonde extensions and a white jumpsuit while attending the event at the Gucci Fifth Avenue store in New York City.

She caught up with actress Blake Lively, who starred in her recent “RUN” movie trailer, and posed with Gucci President and CEO Patrizio di Marco and Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini.

The generous superstar donated $500,000 out of her own pocket to the charity, which she co-founded with Giannini and Salma Hayek. The organization’s goal is to promote education, health, and justice for women.

A day after attending the CFDA Awards, Solange also joined her sister, donning an orange blouse and white pants. She had the party rocking as she worked the turntables.

See more party pics of Queen Bey below.

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  1. asbury

    Damn they look great


  2. JD

    Stunning. Bey is glowing. She’s so incredible beautiful it hurts.


  3. vladica07

    Wow, she looked gorgeous!!


  4. Vvv

    The worlds most beautiful, talented, interesting person alive!!! Her beauty is almost unreal shes just getting better with age.


    MRB Reply:

    @Vvv, SMH your right with a good plastic surgeon. She pretty but she it aint the same effect with out the glam and make-up. You stans kill me! lol


    What Reply:

    @Vvv, Did you just call beyonce “interesting”??
    Talented, Yes
    Pretty, Yes
    Interesting??? Boy hell naw.


  5. kate

    Solange is beautiful


  6. SueRichards

    Solange is psycho.


  7. From France

    Crazy family.
    Web all know the truth now.


  8. TBear

    Its awesome to see that Solange still DJs


  9. Kelvin

    Great picture. The first time i think i ever seen Solange look better than Beyonce. She looks a tad bit tired but still pretty.


  10. Kelvin

    Great pictures. They both look pretty. But i think for me this is the first time Solange look better than Beyonce. She looks a little tired but still pretty.


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