New Music: Angel Haze f/ Ludacris – ’22 Jump Street’

Angel Haze and Ludacris

Angel Haze and Ludacris join forces on the theme song to 22 Jump Street, the comedy starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The Dirty Gold rapper and Fast & Furious star tear up the spastic electro beat with their adrenaline-fueled verses.

The soundtrack arrives at digital retailers on June 10 featuring Wiz Khalifa, Tiësto, Duck Sauce, Travis Barker, Juicy J, and more.

Crank up their crazy collaboration below.

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  1. Roshawn Burse

    I would like for her to come up with a new style and hair style. this chick is no Aaliyah



    Omg YES!!!! Yes ANGEL HAZE, SET IT OF! TAKE IGGY SPOT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    KEN. Reply:


    Lol nah, my girl Azealia is getting ready to snatch Iggy’sspot.


    LmaoYo Reply:

    @BREAKING NEWS, Not selling under 1k copies in her first week she won’t


  3. KEN.

    Eh abit Messy but I can still bop to it.


  4. EveRyder

    Ludacris is one of my fave male rappers and he is so underrated. He one of the best lyricists out now. Everytime I see or hear something about Angel I just smdh and want to cuss her ass out bcuz she just so hard headed for not wanting to wait on her label to release her album the right way now they don’t back her up like they should. 2 spit fire rappers on one track killing it. I just wished this had a regular hip hop beat. This beat electro beat would’ve fit azealia to the t. I hate angel haze couldn’t get on some of the success iggys having.


  5. vladica07

    A bit all over the place, but yeah, I will play this while working out.


  6. Yuhao

    Yea I seen this video about a week or two ago & all I have to say is really dope & sexy! She dlinifteey 1 of the baddest chicks I seen in a minute & if you have twitter I strongly suggest you follow her!


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