50 Cent Announces New G-Unit Album


50 Cent just dropped his Animal Ambition album, but he’s already on to the next. The rapper revealed that a new G-Unit album will arrive later this year.

Fresh off the group’s reunion at Hot 97 Summer Jam on Sunday, 50, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo will release their first album in six years.

“You’ll see an album by late November,” said 50 during his appearance on Fox 29′s “Good Day Philadelphia.”

The rap collective has already been in the studio and released two remixes, one to Hit-Boy’s “Grindin’ My Whole Life” and another to Drake’s “0 to 100.”

“They know that it’s grind time,” 50 told Angie Martinez of his groupmates. “They gon’ get it. Whenever we get in that zone, they get crazy.”

50 will be joined by his fellow G-Unit members during a post-game concert at New York’s Citi Field on June 14.

In addition to G-Unit, 50 is expected to release his sixth solo album Street King Immortal later this year.

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  1. Outofdabox

    Bruhhhhh…..This nigga is so lame. Like how did he become famous. give it up. there is nobody checking for a g unit reunion


    KT Reply:

    @Outofdabox, you’re either a Nicki or an Iggy fan. Probably both.


    truth Reply:

    @Outofdabox, u a STR8 up sissy. #g-g-g unit!!


  2. Major Sushi

    ohhh shit. real rap is gonna come hitting hard (i hope)


  3. Rob

    Oh shit I am so ready


  4. MonsieurKnowles

    Don’t be naive, it’s Animal Ambition promo. 50 flops since Before I Self Destruct… He needs some help to have a new impact on the street and rap game. And others members flops too …



    Now all they Need is Game! He was the Only one that made it out of them fools


  6. YoMtvRaps

    when I heard fif said ‘you gonna see an album by late Nov. ‘ I was rollin up crazy from dat time wuuut ma niggaz’s back n ain’t nun stoppin em from it they’ll beat dem pussies out there in rap industry up thats fo sho!


  7. YoMtvRaps

    it seems like uno they never broke up.. they got all up at da SJ like uno they have had b chillin 4 a while.. n gettin back on tha’ stage startin’ make good sht again!


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