New Music: Trina f/ Lil Mo – ‘Cut Her Off (Remix)’

Cut U Off

Tiny and her BFF Shekinah repped for the females with their remix to K Camp’s “Cut Her Off,” and now Trina and Lil Mo bring out the scissors and take care of business. Lil Mo says “fuck him and his new bitch,” while Trina chooses money over her man.

“Fuck ni**as, I need a billion / Fuck feelings, I’m on some real shit,” spits the Baddest Bitch.

Is Trina rapping about a specific ex-boyfriend and his famous new chick? Listen below.

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  1. Ayohoe

    Trina shoulda went in …


  2. trinarockstarr

    Tbh she could have went harder but I still like her verse.


  3. EveRyder

    Trina my bish and all,but I needed her to go all the way in on this one. She didn’t give me enough bars on this. Lil mo did her thang tho. I see u lil mo.


  4. Deejay

    Trina been repeating the same lines since the beginning of her career. Girl bye.


    The Shaded Truth Reply:

    @Deejay, I like Trina but you are so right.


  5. jbaby

    ^yes haha and why does she have to say “the n word” with er at the end? she shoulda done better


  6. TrinaFan

    My bish finna go in! This was just a lil teaser. Da Baddest Bitch is back and reloaded! fuck all y’all hatin ass bitches! The Queen is back!


  7. Trina Fann

    Lil’ Mo doing her thang i hear ya mama but trina u always gona be my bitch, u shouldve came harder cuz dis ur track ya feel me but im waitn on da hold ablum dis was a lil teaser so i stll have faith doe fuck all da haters!!!!! #TEAMTRINABABBYY


  8. chakiell

    Tiny & Shekinah rd a better version.


  9. lilda22

    Im here for Lil’Mo’s verse more than Trina’s. That was a snippet rap verse tf


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