Jennifer Hudson, Azealia Banks Perform at L.A. PRIDE Festival

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson and Azealia Banks celebrated gay pride at the 2014 L.A. PRIDE Festival in West Hollywood on Saturday. The ladies performed in the park as part of the weekend-long festivities.

The Harlem rapper slayed the stage in a superhero-inspired outfit and white Air Force Ones, performing hits including “Yung Rapunxel,” “ATM Jam,” “212,” and a cover of Robin S.’ “Show Me Love” as confetti fell from the sky.

“I had such a good time at Pride today! The crowd showed me so much love I couldn’t even take it,” tweeted Banks.

She also apologized for her previous offensive comments. “I sincerely want to apologize to anyone who was hurt by the things I’ve said in the past,” she said. “I won’t go into it but you KNOW what I’m talking about. It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t fair. . . I hope the entire LGBTQ community will forgive me.”

Showing off her svelte figure in a little black dress, J-Hud closed out the evening with a dazzling set. The powerhouse diva—and her scantily-clad male dancers—strut across the stage while belting out “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel),” “Pocketbook,” and “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

The ladies of Danity Kane will cap off the festival with a show tonight.

Past PRIDE performers have included Ciara, Lil’ Kim, and Kelly Rowland.

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  1. Shutterbug

    I understand Azealia doing it…but why did J-Hud do it? I thought she was raised in the church?


    LiLo Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Your point is…?


    Shutterbug Reply:

    @LiLo, Growing up in the church…and with gospel music remaining her influence…I wonder if she’s still Christian? If so, I imagine she’s in trouble with her church for that.


    jitterbug Reply:

    @Shutterbug, I’d imagine she’s in trouble with her church for a lot of others things other than appearing at pride. She wears scantily clad clothing and sings about secular subjects such as sex sometimes, which are all things God does not smile upon. If she was worried about being christian she’d be singing gospel music only then.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Shutterbug, *rolls eyes* Clearly, you’ve never heard of Caesar Theodosius and Augustine vs Pelagius.


  2. Whitney

    Jennifer, herself, looks great! Now..that outfit is a whole nother story.


  3. Shade free

    chile… Jennifer hudson has and will always be tacky she always loses when it comes to dressing it’s like the bitch gets dressed with her eyes closed… #hatedit


  4. mon88

    jhud is so damn ugly


  5. kate

    poor jhud


  6. Clay

    What about her singing and stageShow? Yall sound like bitter queens. Stop it.


    mon88 Reply:

    @Clay, only queens care about that shit jhud is ugly end if story


  7. Flychick86

    Wow. Nice. Almost didn’t recognize the song in the first video.


  8. Oh

    Broke With Expensive Taste is COMING to GOBBLE up The Floprint …. I hope Azealia and Iggy take OVER Female Rap. Nicki is getting too old anyways she like 35 go have some babies or something


  9. Sukkksubi

    Azealia slayed the stage


  10. Sharp Tongue

    Jennifer Hudson doesn’t do it for me anymore.


  11. Auntie3times

    I referenced 2 years ago that Azealia is a greater/singer and actress. You have seen “Nothing yet of my niece.” Show Her Some Love will yah???


  12. Righteous

    Who gives a fcuk what you “referenced ” 2 years ago ……..And……..NO WE WILL NOT!!!!!


  13. paschalous

    Jhud is thick. Thick thighs, I wanna fuck her from behind with those sultry clothes on.


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