50 Cent Performs with G-Unit at Webster Hall


A week after reuniting at Summer Jam, G-Unit shared the stage once again at 50 Cent’s Animal Ambition release concert at Webster Hall in New York on Sunday.

In addition to his own hits, 50 joined Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, and Kidd Kidd while performing their “0 to 100″ remix “Real Quick,” “Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout,” “Rider Pt. 2,” and “Straight Outta Southside.”

He also took a shot at his latest rival, Slowbucks, who held a press conference to announce an investigation into an incident at Summer Jam. “There’s so many police in here courtesy of Slowbucks,” said Curtis.

Expect much more from G-Unit this year. The group will perform with 50 at Citi Field on June 14 and release a new album by late November.

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  1. Rob

    We’ve 2014 and G-Unit is still taking over damn. 50 killing it


  2. Haha50

    50 lookin sweet lol he know he hate he reunited with g-unit he a attention seeker



    I hate to admit it, but G-Unit is really good for hip hop right now. Taking it back to the streets and making NYC rap heard in a old yet refreshing way. Rappers are soft now a days… How many Drake’s and Kanye’s do we need?


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