New Music: Usher f/ Rick Ross – ‘Good Kisser (Remix)’

Rick Ross and Usher

Bang bang bang. Rick Ross blasts off with the MMG remix to Usher’s single “Good Kisser.” The self-described “rebel without a cause” raps about his bank account (“Rodeo Drive money as old as Clive Davis”) and his Spanish chick on his newly-minted verse. Bawse up.

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  1. Usher

    King Usher!


  2. Major Sushi

    I was seriously holding my weave.. but.. it’s not a bad remix.

    But honestly these guys should just stop featuring themselves on a song and call it a “remix”

    Like 90s and early 00s songs, whenever there’s a song that’s been “remixed” the beat is changed, the guest verse flow is different than the expected ‘rhythm’

    That has what made Nicki Minaj so unique whenever she’s featured on a song. She puts her own thing.

    But that’s my opinion on how a remix should be done. Guest verse and “remix” should be unique from the original.


    Rozay-MMG Reply:

    @Major Sushi, I was eating my wingstops sorry boo


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Rozay-MMG, I’m sorry, I don’t speak food. I’m not highly educated as your level.


  3. Rozay-MMG

    I came through to nice on you ladies haha MMG


  4. MMG

    Boss Shit .


  5. JD

    Rick Ross wasn’t wanted or needed here.


  6. jack



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