50 Cent Scores No. 4 Debut with ‘Animal Ambition’

50 Cent

50 Cent roars onto the charts this week with his first album in nearly five years, but was it able to live up to his past success? The results are in.

Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win, the rapper’s fifth and first independently-released album, debuts at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 with 47,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

It marks his sixth top 10 effort and first album since leaving Interscope Records last year.

Animal Ambition is Fif’s lowest opening since 2009′s Before I Self Destruct, which debuted at No. 5 with 160,000.

Expect to see even more of 50 on the charts this year. He plans to release his next solo album Street King Immortal as well as a new G-Unit album by late November.

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  1. Adam



  2. Rob

    This album wasn’t about sales but ignoreant people will not understand this. Just wait for ‘Street King Immortal’ which will be about sales and radio friendly songs.


    Andy Reply:

    @Rob, ok, I’ll wait


  3. mon88

    good for 50 47,000 independently is alot of $$$$$$$$$$


  4. freshed

    independently he collected 7 bucks on each album. 47,000 x 7 = $329,000, which aint bad for a first week. #HATERSLEARNSUMTHEN


    Monkey Man Reply:

    @freshed, You are right! But the problem is that 50 used to insult others for their poor sales. So its a little ironic!

    But anyways 50 don’t need the money. Infact by looking at the Forbes list he doesnt need to prove anything.



    @freshed, thanks for the math lol.


    yoo Reply:

    @freshed, not to mention he owns his own publishing, and the distribution company that distributed his LP. He might no be in demand like he used to be, but he is maximizing all his options.


  5. Mars

    LOL FLOP even less than Rick Ross.


    Rob Reply:

    @Mars, Rick Ross, French and all these rappers would never ever sell more than 30k if they were Independent


    Andy Reply:

    @Rob, regardless of dependency, they sold way more than a proclaimed King of rap


  6. rapper2freedom

    Artists & Labels are not all the way clear when they announce deals or splits etc

    Animal Ambition is the last album out of a 5 album solo deal (group
    albums/compilations didn’t count) 50 owes Universal/interscope (caroline
    is still under Universal Banner)

    They made the mistake in telling him he could keep the proceeds of any
    single he released with a video …. so he released them all (smart or
    not you decide) so let’s not forget he already made a 3 million profit
    regardless of sales which in comparison to a rapper on a major required
    to sell 500k and tour half of U.S.A to get that money. Secondly he got
    payed 23 million to leave interscope, keep that in mind.

    You probably win financially but to the general public if album numbers
    don’t come back decent it looks like a loss (and rightly so) because we
    created the whole sales thing back in the day we can’t change it now if
    things aren’t looking good …

    No excuses it is what it is ….. money isn’t everything ……

    50 can still pull a crowd and sale shows. Remember that worldwide 50
    still matters. In the States he’s old news unless you’re into his brand
    of music. And as mentioned if the jams are good enough he’ll get more
    light on him again. Obviously the biggest radio stations are still
    wanting to hear from him and interview him so he can easily create that interest. And if true that way he did singles for every song is smart as hell. Keep in mind he sold a few copies of animal ambition for 5000 and few for 500 and few for 100 etc.


    mumi Reply:

    @rapper2freedom, Yeah and now stop defending his flop.


    Face Reply:

    @mumi, if you understood what he just wrote, you wouldn’t have replied with such a stupid response.


  7. Spaska Angelova

    I Like 50Cent


  8. ludooo

    Coming for Ashanti :P


    Nunofyobusiness Reply:

    @ludooo, lol I caught that. Ashanti made more money independently than his first week sales. Ashanti sold CDs at least $10 compared to his $7 bucks a cd. That’s what he get for throwing shade. Touring is where the money’s at.


  9. Andy

    Funny how many were claiming that he will reign again the latest weeks. Dogs that bark don’t bite.


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