Big Sean and Rihanna Hit the Studio

Big Sean and Rihanna

Are Big Sean and Rihanna cooking up a collaboration? The Detroit rapper hit the studio with the “Most Desirable Woman” in L.A. last night, sharing the moment on Instagram. RiRi rocked a bucket hat and Trapstar T-shirt while standing next to Sean, who was decked out in a BAPE tee.

“My niggaz #FinallyFamous #FFOE,” tweeted Sean, who was also joined by his Finally Famous crew members SAYITAINTTONE and Earlly Mac.

Over the weekend, Sean was in the studio with “We Found Love” producer Calvin Harris (Could Rihanna be featured on the song?).

While we can only speculate, we do know that Sean has been hard at work on the follow-up to last year’s Hall of Fame.

Big Sean and Rihanna

Calvin Harris and Big Sean

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    Bring on the hits!


  2. kate

    omg rihannas nose is f.cking ugly


    warri Reply:

    @kate, I don’t think her nose is uglier than your bank account..Just enjoy the art. Don’t concern yourself with irrelevant characteristics..


    meme Reply:

    @warri, screaming….I rather have a ugly nose and 80million in the bank than a pretty nose and $20


    kate Reply:

    @meme, lol you are stupid


  3. MusicJunkie

    This should be good.
    Anything Rihanna blesses is gold.


  4. Bitches In Paris



  5. tiffany

    Nahh not feelin’ this collab Next…


  6. Meriem

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