Dr. Dre Is Working on Kendrick Lamar’s New Album

Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre may be a billionaire, but he hasn’t abandoned music. Apple’s newest employee is working on Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album.

During an interview with Nessa at KUBE 93′s Summer Jam, the “Poetic Justice” rapper revealed that he and his mentor are back in the studio.

“Dr. Dre is focused like he always been,” said Kendrick. “He focused on music, man.”

Despite selling Beats by Dre to Apple for $3 billion, Dre hasn’t lost his passion for music. “One thing about Dre, you can’t take the music away. No matter how much money he has, he’s always gonna be right there in that studio,” said K-Dot. “That’s before the deal, after the deal. He’s always locked in there. That’s something that I know personally.”

The follow-up to Kendrick’s Grammy-nominated debut good kid, m.A.A.d city is due this September.

As for Dre’s elusive Detox, Kendrick doesn’t know its status. “I couldn’t give you that word. He’ll have to give you that word, but I know that he’s still a creative genius in there.”

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  1. aaliyahupdates

    detox?? that aint ever coming out


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @aaliyahupdates, I bet it died with Aaliyah.


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @Major Sushi, LOL.


    d Reply:

    @Bitches In Paris,are so fine!!!


  2. Spaska Angelova

    I like what he says about Lamar Dr Dre and true, “it will always be
    there in the studio


  3. Bitches In Paris

    We’ll get Detox when pigs fly.


  4. Bitches In Paris

    I’m ready for the new album though.


  5. /

    Dre is way too deep in Beats franchise and all the success and money it brought to be now anything other than its CEO and occasional producer. One shouldn`t expect any `Detox` from him anymore.,


  6. Pun Pun Pun

    @Bitches In Paris, Swine Flu already.


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