Trina Performs Medley on ’106 & Park’


Trina took a trip down memory lane during her visit to “106 & Park.” In honor of Throwback Thursday, the Diamond Princess hit the stage (in a bedazzled outfit, no less) to perform a medley of her biggest hits including “B R Right, “Pull Over,” “One Minute Man,” “Single Again,” and “Da Baddest Bitch.”

She also revealed that she has a new perfume launching at the end of the year and is working on her sixth album.

“This time, I just wanted to bring a little more growth and a little more of me into the album,” she said. “But it’s gonna be crazy, it’s gonna be blazin’, it’s gonna be sexy, it’s gonna be dynamic, it’s gonna be raw.”

Plus, the former captain of the majorettes showed off her baton twirling skills.

Watch the Baddest Bitch in action.

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  1. C

    Yasss trina! this seriously just reminded me how much i love her! and she has had some hits! i wanna see her back in the lime light~


    Oh Reply:

    @C, I hope Trina has a strong comeback shes one of the last few female rap veterans who still had some buzz after 10+ years in the game.

    Trina just never had the proper backing to make her more than she could have been. She has the potential


  2. Croqque

    This was amazing


  3. QueenTrina



  4. Damn!!

    This performance was SO GOOD!! Go Trina!


  5. Major Sushi

    She is much prettier with less make-up on.



    She’s like throwback fabulous. One of the older girls.


  7. Kyle

    I’ve always admired Trina and her work ethic. Over the years when Missy Elliott, Eve, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown and countless others hung up the mic she was the only one who was consistently dropping albums and mixtapes. Much respect to that! “Diamond Princess” is her best album IMO.


  8. Tay Tay

    Dafuq she wearing? BURN IT BISH!!!


  9. Mao_the_cat

    she looks so pretty and she’s a GOOD rapper!


  10. Bankz



  11. Eesa

    I can’t with this bish, not after that Nicki tribute mess she did.


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