Video: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Booty’ [Teaser]

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo has been warming up for new album A.K.A. with video snippets. After debuting teasers for “Emotions” and “Worry No More,” Billboard’s latest cover star puts her famous assets on display in the teaser for her Diplo-produced banger “Booty” featuring Pitbull.

The sexy singer dances in front of mirrors while shaking what her mama gave her in the minute clip.

“It’s a fun song and it’s about owning everything about you and who you are and embracing that,” said J.Lo, whose twins Max and Emme convinced her to record it.

J.Lo’s 10th album A.K.A. arrives Tuesday.

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  1. richie

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN cant wait for the album june 17th baby the queen of booty ICON!!!


  2. Malika

    Her album is not the best, if anything its absolutely terrible.

    But she is winning me over with the amount of promo she is doing through performances, videos, video clips, etc.

    Plus the fact she has never looked better & looks beyond beautiful & incredible.


  3. leeloo

    44 years old ??? damn J’Lo


  4. Rali

    j.LO has a nice ass, however it moved like Miley’s. She tried it!
    It wasn’t so bad. She just has a BIG STIFF BUTT.


    Hih8er Reply:

    @Rali, Miley’s???!!! Since when did Miley have one??? Hoe take a seat


    King Fierce Reply:

    @Rali, moved like Miley…hilarious!:-) love JLO but she too grown to be doing all this. Still looks good though.


  5. Tay Tay

    What booty? Not this 2k14′s J’Lo!


  6. Spaska Angelova

    Great singer is looking forward to the new album!


  7. Ricky

    Yes J. Lo wurk girl!! Love this song!!


  8. Mao_the_cat

    her booty is not looking that good :-/


  9. miss carter

    this is my song!!! no lie…
    the video is good enough but this is my song!! i can picture myself drunk and jus losing it to this track right here


  10. Kyle

    That was hot!!!


  11. YNSP

    She still bad as hell id smash in a heart beat


  12. LaMont

    She’s goin’ hard in the paint on this album. It sounds like it’s going to be a really good album.


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