New Music: The Game – ‘Bigger Than Me’

Bigger Than Me

In between cozying up to Nicki Minaj in the video for “Pills N Potions,” The Game is reading his new album Blood Money La Familia. The Compton rapper takes no prisoners on the vicious “Bigger Than Me,” one of two first singles.

The self-proclaimed “black Marshall Mathers” revs up his chainsaw and leaves a bloodbath in his wake.

“I came in with ‘Ye, Jeezy, and boss ass ni**as / Your freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft ass ni**as / Tampon lyricists evacuate the premises,” he warns.

He also takes jabs at Frank Ocean’s sexuality. “Hey Frank Ocean / Go ‘head and fuck these fuck ni**as,” raps Game, who recently shot a dark video for the song with director Matt Alonzo.

Blood Money La Familia will be released on September 16 via Blood Money La Familia/Fifth Amendment Ent./eOne Music.

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  1. Hector

    LOL, minorities are so fucking homophobic. IDK what’s gonna destroy us first, homophobia, intra-racial crime or colorism.


    Humz Reply:

    @Hector, How would homophobia kill you?


  2. Spaska Angelova

    I Like


  3. KayKay

    Black Marshall Mathers? lol don’t kid yourself Game…


  4. goddess of music

    ok i gotta remix

    google noelle ge


  5. macmiller

    Hey dude what gonna happen dat fuckin day let wait n c dem’all shitttttttt westsyd baby


  6. Goabab joe kenley

    Very dope shit,cant wait to hear out full album tho. Joekenley from Okombahe,Namibia.


  7. Paradise

    He is trying too hard to do the shock rap thing like Em & Tyler, and I don’t think that Frank Ocean line was him taking a jab or insulting Frank at all. Wasn’t he the one that said gays run the world?


  8. || New Music: The Game – ‘Bigger Than Me’

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