Jennifer Lopez Performs ‘First Love’ on ‘Fallon’

J.Lo and Jimmy Fallon

On the eve of her album release, Jennifer Lopez stopped by “The Tonight Show” for Jimmy Fallon’s first show at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.

Following their “Tight Pants” sketch last week, J.Lo sat down on the couch to discuss the viral sensation, which has everyone talking.

“My daughter is doing it now,” said J.Lo.

She also discussed her performance with Pitbull at the World Cup in Brazil and working with Iggy Azalea on “Acting Like That.”

“She’s very cool,” said J.Lo of the Aussie rapper.

Plus, she hit the outdoor stage to perform her single “First Love” off her new album A.K.A.

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  1. Kyle

    I swear she looks better the more she ages. She’s gorgeous! Her album is HOT too!



    This was an amazing performance! I don’t get it…I just don’t get it. The woman just released her best album since “This is me…then” and the critics are dragging her and she’s only supposed to sell 25-30k? What are people wanting? I don’t understand how barely anyone is interested in urban music anymore. They’re has been amazing r&b and r&b I fused music put out in the last year, but the public just isn’t buying it because they can’t “Turn up” or get “ratchet” to it.

    This just goes to show how mediocre the public has become. Gone are the days where you buy an album becuse you appreciate the artist. It’s all about comparing them to other ppl instead of their previous work. So sad, because artists like jlo who have carved their own lane are being treated u fairly.


    YEAKELLY Reply:

    @YEAKELLY, lots of typos. Sorry guys haha


    Kyle Reply:

    @YEAKELLY, It’s definitely a sad reality but Jennifer Lopez is a multi-dimensional businesswoman. She can do it all and she makes a shit ton of money. I think the problem with her music is that it’s pretty generic and you pretty much know what to expect. There’s nothing wrong with that though because I’ll admit that I enjoy it! I still play her “J. Lo” album. That’s my personal favorite along with “Rebirth.”


  3. julian

    J Lo is 44! Damn! She looks amazing! That “booty” track ft. pitbull is nice!


  4. Kayla

    I hate that “booty” track, aside from that the album is amazing, her best since This is Me… Then…


  5. freak

    That routine was so Madonna ‘Into The Groove- live’ from Blond Ambition!
    It was retro, It gave me life when the boys came in!


  6. Spaska Angelova

    J.Lo is beautiful, especially the World Cup was brilliant, but Jimmy is great fun dancer!


  7. Jason

    I love this woman. She’s breath taking. J.LO alwayyyyyyyyyys!



  8. @thenormajeane

    That was an amazing performance.


  9. j

    j.lo is gorgeous, no doubt and can dance!! but I swear this bitch still thinks she’s selena


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