Video: Michelle Williams f/ Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland – ‘Say Yes’

Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland

Destiny’s Child is back. Michelle Williams reunites with her groupmates Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in the video for Williams’ new single “Say Yes.”

The ladies are all smiles as they perform at a house party in the feel-good clip, which debuted on “GMA.”

“It’s Destiny’s Child time again,” said Beyoncé. “This song is so inspiring and it’s not enough music out there like this and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Michelle added, “We’re still loving each other, supporting each other. They have no idea what it means to me and I think it’s full circle. We’re still rocking it out.”

The Harmony Samuels-produced song will appear on Williams’ third album Journey to Freedom, due September 9.

Journey to Freedom

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  1. king1223

    YES! Loved it, good job Michelle hunnie & much success!


  2. DC3

    Good job Michelle. This song does something to me. They all look great. Love Bey!


  3. chris

    Beyoncé took it too far. Just because she’s in a gospel song she feels the need to dress up like the angel Gabriel lol.

    All the girls look great and they’re all glowing. But Michelle needs to put on a little more weight.


  4. t

    love the video and the song they all look so good!


  5. from france

    The song of the year. The message is very beautiful.

    Unfortunatly, it won’t be spread a lot bc it talks about Religion.

    Love the video ,even if i imagine more work for it like a routine at the end w/ children to make it even bigger.


  6. Lukas

    What a great cover art! I’m impressed! Really really really beautiful!


  7. JD

    Absolute fire. Love the video, love the song. Love the reuinon. This just made me wanna dance. More please, soon?


  8. heartbreakurr

    hopefully, we can see the performance on the BET Awards Gospel portion of the show


  9. brit

    congrats michelle! i’m not usually a fan of gospel music, but i appreciate this song a lot. it’s very uplifting


  10. Kyle

    I love seeing those three together. I wish Kelly would’ve shot a video for “You’ve Changed” off her album last year. Michelle’s album cover is beautiful too! I will definitely support her and get a copy when it drops!


    KK Reply:


    I agree 100% I wish Kelly would have done a video for that!! But the nonetheless, it’s good to see them together again!


  11. kate

    Kelly loveee


  12. bitchie

    Michelle looking GOOD OK OK


  13. only1

    Push threw Michelle you better work


  14. Major Sushi


    Though, I wished they titled the feature as “DC”
    It’s just weird seeing their names separated, but in the same song.

    I would love to hear Michelle do a reggae song. Her voice is suited for her, for that type of genre.


  15. Tee

    Enjoyed the song and the message. Love all three ladies. They are inspiring! Looking forward to the CD.


  16. Troy

    LOVE this good to see them together again .


  17. The Shaded Truth

    Love it!


  18. ♫◘[JUDGE]◘♫

    YASSSS THIS MY JAM! If Gospel music had more of a up beat sound like this I would definitely listen to it more! GOOD JOB MICHELLE! Beyonce was flawless as usual & Kelly looked amazing too! Loved it all! YASSS LADIES YASSS!!! I got the holy ghost from watching this LOL!


  19. Mao_the_cat

    YAS! When Jesus Say YES nobody can say no


  20. Moh!

    Ok,so this really amazing…very beautiful song,right on repeat on my best playlist!!!Thumbs up Michelle!!!Beyonce awesome as usual,Kelly amazing voice…Gospel Music does suit you ladies a lot. Expecting more this! Big ups ladies…nice to y’all together again. Much love!


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