Chris Brown Surprises Teyana Taylor at Single Release Party

Teyana Taylor and Chris Brown

Teyana Taylor celebrated the release of her new single “Maybe” with some of her closest friends. Lil Mama, Karrueche, and more joined G.O.O.D. Music’s First Lady at the intimate event at Xen Lounge in Studio City last night.

But the biggest surprise of the evening was a visit from Chris Brown. The “Loyal” singer wheeled in a cake before Teyana ran up to give him a big hug. The emotional moment was captured on camera while the crowd cheered. The longtime friends later posed for selfies with Karrueche.

Before Zendaya was announced to play Aaliyah in the Lifetime biopic, Teyana auditioned for the role of her idol. Her audition video was posted online this week.

“Unfortunately Aaliyah’s family isn’t involved & she no longer wanted to be apart of the film,” said her friend.

However, Teyana will star alongside Diggy Simmons in the BET scripted series “The Start Up.”

Photos via Instagram

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  1. Raven-Symone

    This stupid pop up is so annoying. Everytime I go to this site on my phone it takes me like 3 times to click that tiny x. Come on Rap Up you’re better than that. Take it away.


  2. Raven-Symone

    I doubt Aaliyah’s family not being involved wasn’t the only reason she wasn’t picked for the role.. Love her voice but her acting in that video was……


  3. Usher

    Finally my bro looks happy.


  4. Rob

    I’d eat Karrueche and Daphne Joy


  5. Major Sushi



  6. coolness

    Aw, Chris is looking so healthy and chunky, lol! You can’t even see those cheekbones of his.


  7. Keepin'It100

    Most of us know that this is low key shade to Rihanna! Why is it that she’s friends with all his gfs? She’s always up on him as if they already smashed! Yes they’re friends from Rihanna and Chris time in the beginning but there’s always something suggestive about seeing them together esp when Tey and Rihanna had their shady moment on Twitter!


  8. Keepin'It100

    I mean when they hugged, there was no gap! #TheySmashed and that’s why there’s an issue between Tey and RiRi! #ItsClearNow


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Keepin’It100, No darling. Teyana and Chris Brown has been friends, long before Rihanna came into Chris’ life.

    2006-2007 Was Chris Brown + Bow Wow + Omarion + Teyana Taylor.

    They’re buds.


  9. KEN.

    Wait is that lil mama slaying me like this!


  10. Mao_the_cat

    lmao @ her spiritual conclusion in the last video WTF lmao…..


  11. Paige

    I think that was nice of him to go and support her I’m sure that meant a lot to her. I hope her single does good on the charts.


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