Video: Robin Thicke – ‘Get Her Back’ [Teaser]

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke will do anything to save his marriage, and he has the scars to prove it. The R&B crooner continues his campaign to win back his wife Paula Patton in the dramatic video for “Get Her Back,” the first single off his album Paula.

In the Instagram teaser, a woman who resembles Patton sends him texts including “I kept trying to warn you you were pushing me too far,” while a bloodied and remorseful Thicke tells her, “I just want to make it right.”

The full video will premiere Monday, while Thicke’s seventh album is due July 1. Check out the cover art and tracklisting.

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  1. frfr



    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @frfr, He looks like a wounded bird in that still. Hope that the text messages in the video aren’t real, because that’s just too personal. Then again, if they’re fake then it’s corny. Lose/lose situation.


  2. rach



  3. Tito Jackson

    This is getting more and more pathetic


  4. dee

    he is RUINING his career over this! this is major slump i dont know ANYONE who is interested this album WILL tank only ruining his life even more. he is handling this HORRIBLY. its funny.


  5. from france

    Pleease rap-up! promote people like Cris Cab rather than …. this

    Robin Thicke become ridiculous


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