Beyoncé Brings ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’ to HBO in ‘Beyoncé: X10’ [Trailer]


“The Mrs. Carter Show” is coming to HBO. Queen Bey will make her return to the network in Beyoncé: X10, a 10-episode series of concert performances from her world tour.

Starting June 29, HBO will air four-minute segments each Sunday at 8:55 p.m. EST/PST before a new episode of “True Blood.”

The 10 performances were filmed in various cities during “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” and include “Blow/Cherry,” “Drunk in Love,” “Ghost/Haunted,” “Flawless/Yonce,” “Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/Diva,” “Girls,” “Heaven,” “Partition,” “Why Don’t You Love Me?” and “XO.”

Beyoncé previously teamed up with HBO for the 2013 documentary Life Is But a Dream.

Watch the 30-second trailer for “Beyoncé: X10″ below.

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  1. Charles Asante

    I need more!!!! This 4 minute shit is a fucking joke, wat is she doing


  2. Charles Asante

    Need more


  3. sza

    Hate her or lover her she is the best performer of our generation!


    meme Reply:

    @sza, I don’t think anybody ever disputed that. The best performer of all time if u ask but that is debatable


    humble servent Reply:

    @sza, she is MY GOD i go now EVERY year to france and surf EVERY time she smiles i go crazy


  4. 2bad2bme

    people hate her because they are tired of her but never get tired of talking about her


    Usher Reply:

    @2bad2bme, You can’t hate a Queen.


  5. Spaska Angelova

    I like concert performances Beyonce!


  6. Got Damn

    Fucking KING


  7. Madonna

    Beyonce’s concerts are little pieces of songs melted in poorly made medleys. And she is not happy with that still, she keeps on dividing the songs that will be showed in 10 different days. This is not a Queen this is SHIT.


  8. Madonna

    Less diva attitudes and expensive wigs and more LIVE SINGING!!


  9. KayeV

    over , over rated .. next


    KEN. Reply:


    Yet you clicked on the article and decided to submit your non-needed comment


  10. KEN.

    The Bet Award is this sunday so it might affect the rating of this episode.

    Looking forward to the Iggy footage.


  11. NavyBeyhive

    Beyonce is the better performer and singer but Rihanna has the better personality, the better style and better music…


    The shader Reply:

    @NavyBeyhive, bitch why are u here. this has NOTHING to do with Rihtarda…. quit comparing them they aren’t even interested in being better than the other.


    NavyBeyhive Reply:

    @The shader, Bitch because I can fuck you in your feelings for If I wana comment on rihanna in a beyonce post or vice versa I can…fuck you going do about it most of you bitches be stanning from the internet and dont even support the artist I gurantee Im more of a beyonce fan than you I have all of her albums ticket stubs from her concerts ploral bitch and we know how high them tickets be I even have the concert dvd’s…if I put that much support and money into someone I can say whatever the fuck I want…


    mabs Reply:

    @NavyBeyhive, Bitch you wish… Rihanna does all those stunts on twitter for attention. .She is always bothered with what the next person is saying instead of bettering herself. The only thing she has over Bey (sometimes) is the clothes picked for her by her stylist. Her music is fast food microwave bubble gum; here today, forgotten tomorrow; on top of that its music she wasn’t even involved in the making of it, always just placing her goat vocals on what is already there. Smh… u need better taste in music



    @NavyBeyhive, I agree


  12. JD

    Can’t wait to relive this.


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