Video: Robin Thicke – ‘Get Her Back’

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke wants that old thing back. The R&B crooner continues his public campaign to win back his wife of nine years, Paula Patton, in the emotional and intimate video for “Get Her Back,” the first single off his upcoming album Paula.

A shirtless Thicke pours his heart out while exchanging texts with a woman who resembles Patton. She tells him, “You ruined everything” and “You drink too much,” while a remorseful Thicke promises to make it right. Tears roll down both their faces as they work to save their marriage.

Expect more in the ongoing drama. “This is just the beginning,” he writes in the last text.

Thicke’s seventh album Paula, which was inspired by Patton, is due July 1.

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  1. johnny

    Wonder what Paula thinks of all this


  2. Marquis

    Does he need a naked girl in his video to get his ex-wife back?


    Gond Reply:

    @Marquis, Exactly what I was thinking


  3. wonderland19

    Honest. I like it.


  4. soulwoman

    some things should stay private


  5. Monkey man

    Beautiful and personal song. Great visuals too. That’s how it’s done. Real life music.


  6. Jay

    This dude is pathetic. So unsubtle. However the production of the song was great. Wished it was used for another song.


  7. B

    I love it!


  8. Kyle

    His voice works perfect for these kinds of songs. I swear, after the success of “Blurred Lines” his private life went to shit. So bittersweet.


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