New Music: The Weeknd – ‘Often’


XXXO. The Weeknd surprises his fans by liberating another sex-drenched slow jam. On “Often,” the Canadian lothario boasts about his experience in the bedroom and his frequent sexual encounters.

“In my city, I’m a young god / That pu**y kill be so vicious,” he croons.

Dim the lights and push play.

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  1. YaFowva


    would be what I’d say if he hasn’t done this 1000 times already


    Rozay-MMG Reply:

    @YaFowva, lol


    Cassive Reply:

    @YaFowva, yeah, I kinda have to agree, I do like his sound, but it tends to get a bit repetitive


    kobe Reply:

    @YaFowva, Drake does the same, raps about the same thing everytime.


    Phil Reply:

    @YaFowva, You must not have listened much of his 4 10 track sets. They all have different vibes and subjects.


  2. Rob

    This guy is overrated as f#ck


  3. Alessandro

    Hes become so repetitive, im tempted to listen to the instrumental of this song just so I can listen to his sick beats without his mediocre lyrics getting in the way



    His music is terrible. Whats all the hype about this guy and his gay ass voice?


  5. Fan

    I don’t know why you people are saying this is repetitive. This is a pretty decent change in his sound/vibe. Previously, his music had a drug induced melodrama to it. Here, the sound is less atmospheric and the lyrics are more of a braggadocio style. His fans love this song and notice a difference.


  6. Face

    Where y’all been?! It was downhill from Thursday… House of Balloons will forever be his best and most diverse project. Everything else has been humdrum rehashes.


  7. Abi bows

    You lot are all haters abels amazing, talented and got a unique voice. He’s one of the best singers around and is unrated. Listen to devil May cry his voicals are beautiful and this is shown in everyone of his songs. You don’t no reason to comment rude comments tbh.


  8. jason




  9. ClothesMinded

    normally I don’t like his music but I actually kinda like this song…I might even download it lol


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