Video: Trey Songz – ‘Change Your Mind’

Change Your Mind

Just in time for summer, Trey Songz celebrates the pretty girls all around the world in the feel-good video for “Change Your Mind.” The ladies’ man posts up at a rooftop party in New York City and parties the night away with his homies and plenty of beautiful ladies.

You can now stream his album Trigga in its entirety featuring Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Mila J, and more.

Grab a red cup and join Trigga’s party.

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  1. F U

    I actually enjoyed that.


  2. Laka

    Wow. This song feels like summer, conjuring so many memories.

    I like the word play from “let me change your mind,” to “you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine.” Overall, I loved it.

    Surprisingly, its a GREAT record, this should of been the second single off the “Trigga” Album.



  3. Monkey Man

    I never thought I would say this but I REALLY enjoyed that song.

    Good job Trey…now you have my attention.


  4. Spaska Angelova

    Beautiful song!


  5. Amil Barnes

    Thank you for the post! Salute!


  6. ade

    dude didnt wear shades when it was sunny in the daytime scenes but put one on in the night scenes….lol…. song’s just aii…earlier singles were dope….looking forward to the album tho


  7. Shameeka

    #shameekarosario is the pretty blonde in the video change your Ming great song


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