Video: Sevyn Streeter – ‘B.A.N.S.’

Sevyn Streeter

After running back to her ex in the video for “nEXt,” Sevyn Streeter sings about an abusive relationship on her latest single “B.A.N.S.” When she finds out that her man, played by Mack Wilds, got his side chick pregnant, she breaks down and commiserates with her girlfriends including Angela Yee.

“I shoulda used protection instead of moving so fast, but I’m a sucker for affection,” she sings.

The song, which she helmed with Da Internz and Eric Bellinger, can be found on her debut EP Call Me Crazy, But….

Watch Sevyn bring the drama in the emotional clip.

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  1. promise

    I Love this songg ❤️


  2. Deejay

    My theme song


  3. Justin Timberlake

    Try hard garbage wack artist.


    Danielle Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, Stfu w/ your negative ass.



    this is the sex kitten/artist Kelly Rowland shoulda been………This girl and song is a banger!!!


    VI. Reply:, Kelly is fine. She actually has plaques and Grammys and stuff


    Got Damn Reply:

    @VI., not from her solo career, she gained no accolades from that hot mess. All those grammys came from DC, which was lead by Beyoncé!!



    dam angela ye was lookin sexy as fuc


  6. credits

    Sevyn looks hot! however, this visual does not scream “i should have used protection” lol. But i like her and her EP. They need to promote ‘call me crazy’ as the first single to her full length album. That song could blow up.

    side note: do i see the rapper chick that was in a season of love and hip hop new york, her name was lore’l or something like that?


  7. Jrizzle88

    The budget shoulda alotted more funds to this vid rather than the last single (which shouldn’t have been a single in the first place). This was obviously the best record on her EP and fans related to it more (IG post, tumblr etc). A little too late now. Great cut nonetheless…


  8. CupidsEgo

    This song deserves a better video.


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