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6.26.2014 Uncategorized

Lupe Fiasco Records World Cup Anthem for Team USA

With World Cup fever sweeping the globe, Lupe Fiasco has recorded the official rallying anthem for the U.S. Men’s National Team. The Chicago rapper, who serves as the team’s musical director, celebrates Team USA’s courageous World Cup journey on the energetic and boastful “Stellar Light.”

A snippet of the song can be heard below, while the full-length version will debut in the coming weeks.

During his interview on “SKEE Live,” Lupe spoke about his role as the team’s musical director and his plans to record a song with U.S. player Clint Dempsey.

Lupe is readying his fifth album Tetsuo & Youth for release this year. Earlier this week, he debuted his new single “Next to It” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

  • from france


    USA will NEVER win the World Cup.

    • Major Sushi

      @from france, I’m from the US, and I can say that this is true!

    • Sebastian

      @from france, Says a troll constantly on a site featuring predominately American artists lol.

      • Major Sushi

        @Sebastian, Darling, it’s the truth. Europe & South America are known for football-soccer. America’s strong point is football-hands.

        There’s no need to call anyone a troll, if the troll speaks the truth.

        • Sebastian

          @Major Sushi, I don’t believe I was speaking to you but do yourself a favor and never come for me again. I am not keen on kissing the ass of any bitch let alone a bitch who proudly eats snails. I did not fall off the turnip truck, I know good and fucking well that soccer is not our forte. But this fool spoke HER truth and I spoke mine. Now move along.

        • Sebastian

          @Major Sushi, I don’t believe I was addressing you but do yourself a favor and never come for me with such a foolish response again in your dumb life. Unlike you, I don’t kiss the ass of any bitch let alone one that proudly eats snails. Sure, soccer isn’t America’s forte and most avid sports watchers know that but I have faith that this team can do anything with hard work. This fool spoke what it believes to be the truth and I spoke mine. Now move along.

          • Major Sushi

            @Sebastian, Someone’s clearly mad, for double replying.

  • Fuck France

    Lol just like France won’t win a war

    • from france

      @Fuck France, France didn’t win the Wolrd War 2??

      Pleeeease go to school. It will help you.

      • Quinn

        @from france, The word is WORLD. But you’ve got time to criticize intelligence? K.

        • Major Sushi

          @Quinn, Like one type will make a difference.

          • Quinn

            @Major Sushi, The word is TYPO. And, well, I see you felt it made enough difference to acknowledge my post :)

          • Major Sushi

            @Quinn, Congratulations. You’ve helped out a good cause. *snaps for you*

  • Issa

    LOL, Lupe doesn’t even like America. WTF, hopping on the USMNT bandwagon!

  • Shutterbug

    Why do I have a feeling that he was contractually obligated to make this? (His problems with the USA and how it’s run are well-documented…I think he backed out, but an Atlantic label rep waved a contract in his face and said “Lupe, if you don’t make this song, we’re gonna give your next album the Lasers treatment.”)

  • dodo

    Atlantic put the leash on dude…

  • Chris

    As much as I enjoy Lupe’s music. Real Lupe fans know that he really won’t be back to true musical form until his contract with Atlantic records is completely finished. After his first two classic albums, Lupe was transformed by the monsters of Atlantic into a slave of the rhythm. You can hear in his lyrics that he’s unfortunately dumbed down a bit for the masses. I think he’s trying to play along to stay afloat mentally and hopefully when his contract is done; if he is not to messed up from having to submit, he will ferociously let himself out the gate.

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