Video: August Alsina f/ Pusha T – ‘FML’

August Alsina

August Alsina confronts his demons in the dark and deadly video for “FML” (Fuck My Life). The clip, which he directed with Payne Lindsey, opens with a bloody Pusha T witnessing himself being carried off in a stretcher. Investigators discover August hanging from a rope inside the house before we see what led to his suicide.

“I never thought that I would be here / I never thought I’d get this far,” he sings as he burns money and wears a hat that says “Death.”

The video ends with a hopeful message from August: “I’ve been where you are. Through the struggle and through the pain. It’s what makes us stronger than most. When there seems to be no way forward you have to make a way.”

He also gives out the number to the national suicide prevention lifeline.

On August 14, August will embark on his “Testimony Live” tour in Seattle.

Warning: The video below contains graphic content.

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  1. Rob

    One of the best songs on his album.


  2. Lakeeya

    Great message Aug


  3. Rozay-MMG

    Amazing talent, hope he stays out of trouble and keeps forcing this great R&B on us. He will be big man


  4. Darrius



  5. Jasmine

    Woooooow powerful message


  6. Princezz

    Very talented and inspirational. I love this video and the message it sends. I love his music, it’s amazing.


  7. jaz

    Love love love the video finally a video that’s interesting and has a messgae not just nice cars and half naked girls and club scenes feels like I was watching one of those classic 90s videos


  8. K

    good song and video.


  9. confused

    good song but what led to it?


    YG Reply:

    @confused, his brother dying maybe?


  10. jussell

    It is a great song especially for people who go through what he does to convert their minds and think about the positive outcomes…. when i heard this song today it changed my life…August knows how to keep it 100 instead of just talking about sex and gun violence… he really went hard


  11. Marilyn

    August nails it again. He such a talented artist. I love the message. I pray that he goes far.


  12. Gigi

    Music is to the heart but ur eyes and heart see and feel I have seen people go due to the streets so I live each day and do what’s right for people but I never forget I always look back to make me stronger.but I had to let go o


  13. jussell

    This song is going to stay at the top for a while


  14. kaia

    Man does August rule or what keep up your career and my dreams.


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