Rap-Up TV: Bridget Kelly Confirms Split with Roc Nation

BK has left the building. After six years at Roc Nation, Bridget Kelly has parted ways with Jay Z’s label. While there had been rumblings, the R&B songstress confirmed the news to Rap-Up TV at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards on Thursday.

“Honestly we needed to part ways,” she said. “You outgrow situations sometimes. I still feel their love. They’re still people I confide in and people that I have a really strong personal relationship with, so in order to keep that intact we needed to just go our separate ways.”

She’s ready to embark on the next chapter of her career as an independent artist. “It was scary at first,” she admitted, “but it’s liberating to know that I can just go in with whoever and put anything out that I want to and say what I want to.”

Bridget is moving forward with the September release of her long-awaited debut album. “I’m really excited ’cause I’m getting to say what I wanna say and talk about all the love in my life and all the stuff I’ve been going through.”

Earlier this month, she debuted the first two songs off the project, “I Won’t Cry” and “Almost More.”

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  1. @dirtypeaches

    Thank God. This is exactly what she needed to do. Roc Nation has too many things going on (or not enough, in some respects) and someone with her talent, she’s not being prioritized correctly.


  2. Kyle

    I seriously can’t believe she has been with Roc Nation for 6 years and was never able to release her debut album. I’m sure there was a lot more to do with it behind the scenes than what we think we know, but it’s just frustrating because she is so amazingly talented. I wish her the best and I hope to hear more from her soon!


  3. meme

    she speaks really well and intelligently


    ciri Reply:

    @meme, I wish Rihanna spoke well!


  4. Blakk. Godd

    “Harpo Who this woman”


  5. ciaraaaa

    I believe Alexis Jordan was also dropped from Roc Nation too? Please verify RAP UP

    I think they are more focused on Rta Ora for some reason. She is not a star.

    They got lucky with J Cole b/c a friend of Jayz (JCole’s mgr) brought J Cole to JayZ.

    Jay wasn’t even gonna sign any rappers. Sellout DUMMY. HipHOP makes money.


    Sabrina Reply:

    @ciaraaaa, Yes Rap Up please find out what’s going on with Alexis Jordan! As for Bridget, they showed no real interest in her so I’m not surprised.


  6. flawda

    LOL at Rita Ora not being a star, I guess the four number 1 singles and millions sold is all lies then. Oh wait, you uncultured fools just have never been anywhere outside of America.

    There are lots of rappers signed to Roc Nation. J Cole, Meek, Cassie Vegies, Jay Electronica,etc.


    ciaraaa Reply:


    No one cares about the UK charts here.

    She only had #1 hits there b/c of payola from Sony & Roc Nation.

    Why are they afraid to release her album in the U.S tho? Please answer that

    Meek is not signed to Roc. Meek is signed to Rick Ross but they began managing him after he was hot.

    Jay Electronica was signed AFTER J cole and after he was already hot.

    Also, why hasnt Jay allowed Jay Electronica to release hs album???? not pop enough???

    Jay is too busy putting his money into no talent Rita.


  7. flawda

    As for Bridget Kelly, they release two singles and videos with one featuring Kendrick and she didn’t pop off like that. Maybe a different situation will work for her, wish he luck.


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