Tank Teases Chris Brown BET Awards Performance

The secret is out. Chris Brown will be taking the stage at the 2014 BET Awards on Sunday for the first time since his release from jail. While there has not been an official announcement, his friend Tank confirmed the rumors to Rap-Up TV.

“We’re getting ready to see him get back on stage at the BET Awards,” said Tank at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “I’m super excited about that. He’s got some new material that is really going to floor everybody.”

But he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise. “I’ve been kinda staying away from it ’cause I wanna be that guy in the audience that’s a real fan and really appreciate it for what it is. I’ll be sitting there waiting with my eyes open.”

Tank has heard Breezy’s upcoming album X, and promises it will be worth the wait. “All I can say is he hasn’t lost his step. He’s only gotten better. This kid is amazing. He just keeps getting better.”

On August 12, Tank will release his own album Stronger. “This album reflects how happy I am,” he said. “I’ve been through the storm and I’ve made it out, and on the other side of that storm was some sunshine. So right now we’re dancing in that sunshine and it’s good.”

Plus, he confirmed that he will reunite with Tyrese and Ginuwine for a new TGT album. “We gotta do it. The people want it, they need it. We’re already signed on for it. There’s a check that comes along with it. We’re ready to rock.”

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  1. Tiffany hill

    I can wait for Breezy to perform not I ‘m even more excited than before


  2. Monkey Man

    Good Ol’ Tank is so excited he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. Lol

    Cool! Looking forward to CB’s performance.


  3. Justin Timberlake

    No one is here for his horrible live performances.


    Marv'IAm Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, what? HAHAHA! R U serious? Chris Brown always gives amazing performances… Your “Justin Timberlake” could neverrr!


    Miszi Reply:

    @Marv’IAm, Quite frankly both give amazing performances. I have been to Justin’s concert couple weeks ago in Berlin and it was one hell of a show.


  4. [email protected]

    Not with them saying the first time since his release from jail like he didn’t perform at the last 5 award shows…but I hope he kill it because I wasn’t feeling his last couple of performers at the EBT card awards


    Frijoles refritos Reply:

    @[email protected], lmfao I just said that


  5. marita



  6. darlan

    I knew it, really excited !!! #NewFlame


  7. from france

    the KING is back!!


  8. Spaska Angelova

    Thanks for the info, keenly interested in everything concerning
    Chris Brown who will be on stage at the 2014 BET Awards on Sunday.
    I’m his big fan and I love the beautiful voice of Chris! ♥ ‬


  9. [email protected]

    now if Chris Brown could sing live aswell as do his dancing, that would be beyonce-ish level he has the potential to reach. cause the boy can sing his ass off in the studio


  10. Brian

    No he can’t sing that good live the same with Ne-Yo etc. Usher and R. Kelly are the only one who can really sing live from male artists.


  11. Paige

    I already knew he was going to perform if he got out of jail in time and wah lah it happened..I’m sure he’ll perform the clean version of Loyal or even his new single New Flame..


  12. Pentose

    He is gud with the stage and he will nail it.


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