Beyoncé and Jay Z Perform ‘Partition’ at BET Awards


The Carters capped off the BET Awards with a surprise performance. While the couple was not at the actual show in L.A., they pre-taped a performance of “Partition” from their “On the Run Tour,” which kicked off in Miami last week.

Jay Z spit a new verse at the beginning of the track before Bey busted out her Crazy Horse-inspired moves on the pole.

Queen Bey also went home with three awards including Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Best Collaboration, and the Fandemonium Award.

Watch Mr. and Mrs. Carter shut it down.

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  1. Anonymous

    Lol they didn’t shut anything down. They could’ve kept their little performance. Now I love beyonce so no shade but I felt cheated. I understand they couldn’t make it but don’t send some recorded crap I could’ve watched on YouTube.


    dee Reply:

    @Anonymous, baby thats BET trying to get some ratings. everyone knows BET awards is WAY too small of a stage for them!!! they are on the second highest grossing tour per show OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!


    Bey Reply:


    2nd highest grossing tour of all time ???

    So they gone out gross One Direction, Madonna’s 400 mllion, U2 700 million, Madonna 300 mill, Bruce Springteen 300 million, Bon Jovi 300 million….

    I think u meant 2nd highest grossing tour for a black artist after Mrs Carter tour maybe???


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Bey, after 90% of the ticket sales were reported, both billboard & forbes confirmed that the “on the run” tour is the 2nd highest grossing tour of all times. bootlegs (people & blogs) need to get it right … tickets for 16 of the 21 shows are sold out. are the tickets for the primary market are gone, secondary markets i.e. stub hub, etc are having trouble selling due to the inflated prices. out of the 21 dates, they are playing the rose bowl & metlife stadium TWICE due to demand. so now it’s not “black” anything … it’s second highest grossing tour period.


    Tyrique D.Rashad Reply:

    @Bey, she said “per show”,not total tour, you dummy, which actually is true & documented.


  2. tamar

    I was so mad this bitch had me waiting so long for this “performance” had me thinking she was backstage like, “stop, I ain’t ready yet”


    Got Damn Reply:

    @tamar, you get points for that one bitch cuz that was funny!!! DEAD!!!


  3. Badu

    Lip sync from top to bottom of the song.

    Has Beyonce lost her voice??

    Has Beyonce lost the respect she had for her fans??

    Has Beyonce lost her passion for live music??

    Is Beyonce just interested in wigs, fashion and booty shaking??

    So so so lame.


    C Reply:

    @Badu, Stop, for your own sake.


    Miss_Mixx Reply:

    @Badu, Bitch STFU!!!! You still watched the ENTIRE performance, and had time to give review showing how brainless you are.


    King Fierce Reply:

    @Badu, and yet we can hear clearly when she loses her breath while performing the song.


  4. brit

    Badu you sound like a bitter hater, There are PLENTY of footage of Beyonce performing live from the “on the run tour”, and her range and vocals are flawlessly strong. She is the best All around entertainer in the world right now and is a GLOBAL ICON, so stop reaching.


  5. vladica07

    She murdered it!!! Only a king!!!!


  6. Yasmine

    “Crazy Horse inspired moves?” That’s so ignorant and disrespectful.


    ryan Reply:

    @Yasmine, you’re so incredibly ignorant. crazy horse is a sixty year old historic parisian cabaret. beyonce explained the influence of this and how it inspired the dancing. all you know is a ratchet strip club. says a lot about you.


    Bey Reply:

    That is true. Ciara did an interview in 2009 and stated that the Love Sx magic video was inspired by Crazy Horse too.

    It’s a show in Paris


  7. African King

    BET did this for ratings… coulda just been left out. Tired of these recorded performances lol. They will ONLY do that for Bey and/or Jay but for no other artists. #politics


    Bey Reply:

    @African King,



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