T.I. and Iggy Azalea Perform at BET Awards

Iggy Azalea and T.I.

Hustle Gang was in the building at Sunday’s BET Awards.

T.I. brought his wife Tiny and some Brazilian babes to the Nokia Theatre while performing his new single “No Mediocre” with Hustle Gang’s First Lady, Iggy Azalea.

Despite her foot injury, the Aussie rapper stuck around to perform her No. 1 hit “Fancy,” while the camera cut to Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole, who were seen dancing along.

“I had fun with @troubleman31 on stage tonight. Also – turn up @keyshiacole & congratulations to all the winners tonight,” said Iggy.

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  1. Boi

    Wait Nicki was on her feet ? Hella respect


    Oh Reply:

    @Boi, Nicki performance was boring AF. Iggy slayed that bitch. All Nicki can win are BET Awards anyways which ain’t shit


    KEN. Reply:


    Yet Nicki has VMAS, AMAS, EMAS, BBMAS , TCAS, KCAS + many intentional ones.


    Andy Reply:

    @Oh, LOL but if Iggy had win it tho… what would you said?


  2. jae

    that shit was weak SMFH get off the stage cornball


    Lidia Reply:

    @jae, Exactly what I was thinking. They’re both mediocre lol


  3. Boomer

    Nicki really is a smart girl.


    K Reply:

    @Boomer, you just finding that out. well at least you know now,i sense something else from your comment too.


  4. tamar

    Nicki slayed her whole performance. & wtf was Iggy wearing? She could’ve done better


  5. babcy

    That means Nicki got love for her


  6. jj

    I loved it!!!! Yes Iggy :D


  7. Spaska Angelova

    Good performance, good song!


  8. Aintyellincut

    Notice iggy came out like Nicki in 2010 with the My Chick Bad performance


  9. Max

    Look at Lil Wayne. He’s like “yo! i don’t know what the hell is going on here, i have earbuds and gonna dance to my own shit” lol


  10. joselyne

    iggy is better then nicki


  11. meat and potatoes

    IGGY did great!! She is a new performer for the most part and still learning the ropes.. I see her doing BIG things plus she’s humble and don’t have to put other females down to highlight her achievements. God don’t bless no mess but he will BLESS YOU IGGY!!


  12. JD

    I’m with Wayne, I woulda had in earphones too. Nicki cracks me up. Did Iggy rap any of that live?


  13. Mb92

    Ahh whatever. Iggy’s mic clearly needed to be turned up. Y’all act like Nicki hasn’t had the same problems in the past.


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