New Music: Busta Rhymes f/ Eminem – ‘Calm Down’

Calm Down

Busta Rhymes and Eminem join forces, and no one is safe. The hip-hop superpowers unleash their Scoop DeVille-produced collaboration “Calm Down,” which features a sample of House of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

Bussa Bus breathes fires on his ballistic bars, while Slim Shady wreaks havoc, taking aim at everyone from Clive Davis to Abraham Lincoln to bloggers.

“Shady for president, ho / Don’t make me go take it back to the days of old Sway and Tech radio when I was taking so much NoDoz and LSD, I almost fell asleep on the ‘Wakeup Show,’” he spits.

Busta is gearing up for his 10th album E.L.E. 2, the sequel to 1998′s E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front.

Hear them spaz out on the explosive record.

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    Not good… :/


  2. Lame

    This song is just bad… The rapping (Busta’s) sucks, the background audio is horrible and gives me more of a headache than Busta’s rapping. Eminem’s rapping is what it always is, but meh. This is just bad and I only listened the whole way to hear Eminem’s part, which coincidentally talks about how ‘everything sucks’, yeah just like this song lol.


  3. Spaska Angelova

    Nice song


  4. m

    dayum, eminem messed up with that voice. He sounds more like a robot rather than his slim shady ego. Where did the production go wrong?


  5. 4reAlz

    It’s not a house of pain sample, it’s a Bob & Earl sample. Oh, and the track is fair at best.


  6. Jay

    “I’ll hurt you” was dope this is NOT


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