New Music: Jennifer Hudson f/ R. Kelly – ‘It’s Your World’

Jennifer Hudson and R. Kelly

After debuting the song at Sunday’s BET Awards, Jennifer Hudson drops the studio version of her new single “It’s Your World.” The Oscar-winning songstress shows just how far she’ll go for her man on the disco-soul duet, which features R. Kelly.

“It’s your world / Boy, if you ask it shall be given,” she sings, while Kellz gives his heart and his car to the love of his life.

J-Hud has also previewed 90-second snippets of two new songs off her upcoming album called “Dangerous” and “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.”

Get into the groove.

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  1. Shutterbug

    So J-Hud’s starting to make the sexier music a few years after she lost her sex appeal to me by getting skinny. *sips tea* But that’s none of my business though…


  2. Mao_the_cat

    LOL exactly… this album sounds dope tho! It sounds like a Latrelle left-over, which is good! Pharrell production >>


  3. freak

    People are going back to organic music, Piano, real singing and vocals, groove, hand made music…the real deal!
    Love the 70ies feel to this…
    Jennifer Summer?
    Donna Hudson??
    I like it!


  4. Kyle

    I like what I’m hearing from the snippets! I have a feeling this will be her strongest album yet but I wish she would’ve chosen another single instead of “Walk It Out.”


  5. poe

    im feelin dangerous!


  6. Chris

    Dangerous is a HIT! It should have been the first single.


  7. JD

    Loving everything I’ve heard so far. I love It’s Your World; with or without R. Kelly. Dangerous is a hit. Can’t wait to hear it all.


  8. High_Price

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS Jennifer…. “It’s Your World Baby” … I love it! it just makes me feel so good… i wanna dance, sing and jump around…such a upbeat get up out yo seat Tune! #TeamJHud … Definitely checking for this Album!


  9. High_Price

    And FYI to all the people talking about which single she should lead with… Artist should never lead their best song as the 1st single… They usually give you a nice song that gives you a taste of what to expect an then they bring out the hits (2nd & 3rd single)to secure good album sales & Mass Appeal!


  10. Amanda

    You guys are really holding out… just drop dangerous you idiots!! Don’t hold out on the hits and drop flops!!!


  11. Douglas d bird

    Wow what a nice track , everything Rkelly touch it turns to gold , it was him and lady gaga ,now jeniffer hudson ft Rkelly its your world , wish he cud bring us more hits ft him . To kelly he still owes us a remix from aaliyas old school ,


  12. Alleda Loggins

    Jennifer I am so proud of you. Please continue sing your NEW MUSIC. Please quit singing Jennifer Holidays old song. Your music is better and please quit singing “SPOTLIGHT.” Sing “I GOT This” instead or anything off of your last album. Be confident in your music. Each album gets better and better. Don’t get caught in the Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You trap.” Don’t nobody want to hear that old stuff. Your biggest fan since American Idol. You should have won.


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