Video: The-Dream – ‘Black’


The-Dream marches against oppression in the video for his powerful anthem “Black.” Inspired by Nelson Mandela, the Daniel Sanwald-directed clip was filmed in Langa Township, South Africa, and is dedicated to those who feel alienated by racism, classism, religion, politics, and sexual preference.

“I needed to take a step in a direction away from my comfort zone and do and say and sing something worthwhile,” said The-Dream. “I think this way all the time, and I spend most of my day in the battle of being Black and being a minority. Money has not changed my status in the department of racism and or classism.”

“Black” is the first release by The-Dream since leaving Def Jam and reuniting with longtime production partner Tricky Stewart. The hitmakers are working on numerous projects for this fall.

Watch The-Dream break down barriers and spark a conversation.

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  1. Spaska Angelova

    Is the 21st century there are now somewhere racism, this word is unknown in Bulgaria,
    people are not divided according to skin color, this is stupid.


  2. From France

    beautiful video
    beautiful song

    (even if seeing the Usher double with a gun at the end of the video wasn’t necessary -knowing that in the USA, the carrying of weapons is a big issue)


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