Video: T-Pain – ‘Love Suicide’


Love gets the best of T-Pain in the emotional video for “Love Suicide” featuring Severe. As he stands on a ledge outside his girlfriend’s apartment, a brokenhearted T-Pain wonders what went wrong in their relationship and thinks about calling it quits. She hasn’t spoken to him in a week and he’s “losing [his] mind.”

“But if she don’t care about commitment, she won’t mind if I commit love suicide,” he sings as he looks down on the world below.

Will Pain pull the plug on love? Watch what happens when it all falls down.

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  1. N.MINAJ

    Autotune is dead!


  2. marcopolo

    is this a slum village visual reference? no lie i do like Tpain and I get it but i believe Auto tune doesn’t sound right anymore. Too plastic.

    here is some advice if you wanna keep the autotune, change the genre to EDM, and Lounge.


  3. console

    i just heard the voice and ah ws lyk oh sh**t hus track is this nd whn i check i found that its T-Pain nd ah fell in lve with it deeply


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