Jermaine Dupri Addresses Mariah Carey’s Album Sales

Mariah Carey’s album Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse debuted at No. 3 last month, selling 58,000 copies. While the first-week sales were the lowest of her career (for a non-holiday album), Jermaine Dupri is not sweating it. The So So Def mogul, who manages the pop diva and executive produced Chanteuse, is confident that it will build over time.

“I actually feel like it’s probably one of her best albums she’s ever made,” he told Rap-Up TV at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards. “I’m excited to see where the album ends up. I tell a lot of people, this era of music and this genre, they don’t understand records that come out small and sell a lot of records.”

He compared the situation to Kris Kross and Bow Wow, who both put up low first-week sales, but went on to sell millions. “So it’s like the first-week sales sometimes don’t really matter,” he said. “I think people gotta start understanding. If you have a plan and you can put the plan in play, you just gotta keep livin’ it out.”

Mariah is moving forward with plans to shoot a video for her next single, the J.D.-produced “You Don’t Know What to Do” featuring Wale.

J.D. has also reunited with Jagged Edge and will executive produce the R&B group’s upcoming album J.E. Heartbreak Too. “If you like J.E. Heartbreak, you’re gonna love this new album,” he said. “We don’t really feel like we have no competition in the R&B world. When I say that I’m talking about real ballads, music that people actually have sex to. I just don’t believe that nobody cares about that area no more and we’re getting ready to really, really kill it.”

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  1. MG213

    Lol that album won’t sell more than 75 thousand long term. Such a flop. Mariah hang it up….. Flat screen


    Bowtobey Reply:

    @MG213, It will. Mariah hardly even promoted this album and I’m not even a fan. She is quite lazy and thinks she will sell without promotion but I hope she has learned


    Enni Reply:

    @MG213, Lol, already over 85k and about 200 k worldwide with 0 promo. I believe if she didn’t break her arm and get fat she could have slayed this era cause she looked hot af on idol and it just went downhill after that.


    Enni Reply:

    @MG213, Oh it’s at 97k in America lol.


  2. DRB

    Agree with it’s one of her best albums. It’s top 5 with Butterfly, Daydream, Emotions, and Mimi and probably even Music Box for me.

    Yeah, first weeks don’t have to be everything but it’s been 6 weeks and they’ve gone silent. Absolutely mute. No push for anything.


  3. KEN.

    Find it tacky when Celebs be discussing about album sales. Leave it to the stans lol


    A Realist Reply:

    @KEN., What’s tacky is stans obsessing over sales.


  4. @dirtypeaches

    Sales are starting not to matter at this point. Mariah did it all already and no one’s touching her. At this stage in her career, she should just focus on putting out quality music, which is severely lacking nowadays from several major artists. MIAMTEC was an amazing album and it proved that creatively, MC is outpacing the rest of these hoes.


  5. Kyle

    I find it hard to believe that the album will pick up momentum and actually crawl back up the charts. I feel like it actually reflects on Mariah and I think she’s over promoting the album. It was a difficult album roll-out for her because it suffered multiple pushbacks and criticism before people even heard it. It probably tired her out!



    It’s the digital age if you don’t do big at first you’re not making it. Especially if you’re a big artist. Newer artist still can like Bruno Mars cause people are interested in newer artist.


  7. DLOC

    Everyone agrees there’s been the least amount of promo than any other previous MC album, and when Mariah doesnt give it HER ALL, you know you’re in trouble. it happened with:
    E=mc2 —- after #1 with TMB she abandons promo & marries Nick Cannon.
    Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel—-key promo time is shared/replaced/interrupted with promo campaign for Precious, successfully.(she’s the most famous cast member & had an acclaimed performance).
    The Elusive Chanteuse—-almost NO PROMO and now she’s got dem babies! LOL
    Mariah doesnt care about sales anymore but everyone else does….


  8. DLOC

    Also lets not forget her disaster tv debut with American Idol, her regretful and unnecessary favor to her pal Randy. Even though it really wasnt her fault Nicki Manage was added, she still should have pulled out IMMEDIATELY. MC knew adding her was bad news and it proved even worse than she could have imagined. For a wide audience, TV trumps record buyers any day and she lost her chance to win people over & INSTEAD gave the WRONG impression by messing with that horrible Nicki!


    GEEZUS Reply:

    @DLOC, You mad or nah?


  9. ExposeYou

    Queen Mariah!


  10. Yodlaz Dex suriy

    Not too many people are a fans of her music


  11. buterfly4life

    love love Mariah andi was glad to see mor Ballads on this one


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