New Music: Kirko Bangz f/ August Alsina – ‘Rich’


Kirko Bangz just wants to be “Rich” on the first single off his upcoming debut Bigger Than Me featuring August Alsina. The Houston rapper yearns for recognition (“I topped the charts for nine weeks, but they still ain’t notice me”), while the New Orleans crooner dreams of getting money.

“I wanna be rich / Don’t see nuttin’ wrong with wanting more,” he sings on the soulful hook.

Cash in on their collaboration.

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  1. Rozay-MMG

    August is sooo talented, thats my nigglet. Kirko needs to hang it up in my opinion. He don’t add anything to the industry.


    Hih8er Reply:

    @Rozay-MMG, August is an ok singer; he sounds the same in every song, and he doesn’t have strong vocals. I don’t see August lasting long (successfully) in the music industry, and his attitude is shit which definitely won’t get you far especially if you’re at your beginning peak.


    SJ Reply:


    I used to think the samething you thought about August Alsina until I looked him up myself. He actually has range in his earlier work so it’s there its just not shown in this album.

    As far as he attitude. I after reading his story and listening to a lot of his interviews I understand why ppl may think his attitude is shit but it really isnt. its just how ppl take it when it comes out.


    Jolie Reply:

    @SJ, yes you are so right…. August has been threw a lot. And personally I think he is still young he had a lot to learn about the industry


  2. ww

    Yeah Kirk needed to take a lil mo time to write that verse. Fire chorus we can all relate to … but that verse was kinda basic compared to the chorus


  3. Spaska Angelova

    Amazing song


  4. lolo

    they should do more songs together :) if august had some other rapper it wouldn’t have the same feel. sounds real no bs.


  5. Leondra Rentz

    My opinion both did good . I love this song . New favorite song . Plus I love both of their music .


  6. TheTroof

    I just wanna be I just wanna be successful.. Hmmm heard this all b4


  7. Talanda Mcghee

    I would love for them two to make more songs together:)


  8. TayStar23

    I feel like the song is unique and if you really listen to the lyrics its like something that everyone wants. I really feel the song and they sound good together. Plus August vocals are very unique its own and its his own when you hear any of his music you know its him.


  9. Ajia

    I know in everything that August alsian is in it will be good rich is a good name for the song and I know that mud will good hard because they both good rapper and singer turn up can’t wait job kill um


  10. Ajia

    they is good be coming for it y’all should become panther make good team team light skinn


  11. Jow Blow

    Estou ansioso para ouvir esse song, espero que nao decepcione. Vou fazer o donwloud mais com esperancas de encontrar. Abraco Kirko e August… Penco que devem fazer mais colaboracoes porque voceis sao dois cantores bons, no vosso estilo.


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