New Music: Cam’ron f/ Nicki Minaj & Yummy – ‘So Bad’

So Bad

Nicki Minaj breathes new life into a previously released Cam’ron song from 2012. After collaborating on “I Am Your Leader,” the New York rappers come together for “So Bad” for Killa Cam’s 1st of the Month EP series.

Queens songstress Yummy Bingham lays down the hook, while Nicki kicks her man to the curb on her bossy verse.

“You runnin’ ’round frontin’ like you paid in full / My ni**a, you ain’t Rico, this ain’t Paid in Full,” she spits.

The song will appear on Cam’s 1st of the Month: Vol. 2 EP, which drops at the top of August. Upcoming editions are expected to feature Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and more.

The music video will premiere Wednesday. Get a sneak peek below.

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  1. SpittinDaTruth

    Love this sound! Remind me of the early 2000′s! I’m here for this, and Nicki BODIED that verse! The whole song gets an A+ from me!


  2. Qu3

    This definitely sounds like 2008 Nicki. I love this Nicki! Regardless of what critics or “the people” say, she stay GRINDING and BRING us versatile flow and lyrics!


  3. RihNaj

    freaking love it, chorus is catchy luv!!!



    *waits for Justin Timberlake and Oh to come with butt hurt and pressed comments*


  5. beyhive1110

    i see someone is still copying lil kim! Uh Uh Uh Uh! Her lyrics are so basic and not memorable!


    KEN. Reply:




  6. KEN.



    KEN. Reply:

    Loved the whole song.

    How old is this Yummy chick?


    Pizza Reply:

    @KEN., Yummy is 28 years old :)


    Tina Reply:

    @KEN.,It’s Good, huh?


  7. Mao_the_cat

    OMG finally! Yummy Bingham deserves to be exposed more! I always loved this song… I don’t care for Nicki tho…

    Love Yummy’s chorus! <3


  8. Dave

    why is she wearing a wig…can we please not go back to the clown outfits. The natural look was working…


    BARBZZ Reply:

    @Dave, these pics are old. They have been took in 2012


    GEEZUS Reply:

    @Dave, that video was shot last year…


  9. no flex zone

    Both were garbage!!


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @no flex zone, *you


  10. Pizza

    I really hope Yummy Bingham appears in the music video to this song. I love her voice!


  11. Major Sushi

    I don’t know why, but this sounds like Suka Free.. Beam Me Up Scotty-ish


    K. Reply:

    @Major Sushi, I was thinking more like Playtime is Over


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