Rap-Up TV: Yung Berg Talks Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Print,’ New Rihanna Record

Yung Berg is getting his hustle on. The Grammy-nominated producer-songwriter, who has worked with artists including Lil Wayne, Tamar Braxton, and Ray J, is cooking up hits for megastars including Rihanna, Diddy, and Nicki Minaj, who he calls one of his best friends in the industry.

The Pink Print is the female Blueprint,” Berg aka Hit Maka! told Rap-Up TV. “Jay Z put out the Blueprint. I think The Pink Print really personifies that, and not only that, I’m really involved in it.”

When asked what we can expect, he said, “You just gotta look out for greatness. It’s gonna be crazy.”

The album will be a true representation of who Nicki is. “I think she gave you guys a really great example with ‘Pills N Potions,’” he said. “It has rap in it, it has singing, but at the same token, it’s really just more about Nicki being Nicki. I really feel like she’s coming from the heart with this joint.”

When asked if Drake will be on the album, he said, “I wouldn’t put it past her. You gotta look out for some Drake records. Hopefully, I’m a part of that.”

He also penned a song called “All Night” for Rihanna, which was produced by Nic Nac (Chris Brown’s “Loyal”). “Me and Nic Nac went in,” he said. “It’s about being down all night.”

Additionally, he has been in the studio A&Ring Puff Daddy’s upcoming album Money Making Mitch.

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    Rihanna once again coming with music written and produced by others that are generic.


    If ThisBadBuiltBarbDontHush Reply:

    @GEEZUS,girl stfu He just mentioned your fave you dumb a$$ so i guess she in the same category .


    Booom Reply:

    @If ThisBadBuiltBarbDontHush, Lmfao, right!


    Oh Reply:

    @GEEZUS, BUT Nicki using him too.

    THE Floprint is gonna be nothing classic like Jay’s Blueprint


    IVY Reply:


    Just like your fave Iggy’s album, The New Classic was not remotely close to a classic .

    Stop talking


    Michael parks Reply:

    @IVY, yes actually the new classic it went down in history as the only album by female rapper to have a number one single for 7 weeks straight on the hot 100 billboards the new class the other day me to number 2 on the charts which is been the highest since nicki. the new classic it’s also the first my brother from a female white rapper from out of state single top five in the United States ever and there’s a lot of hits on the new classic the new single black widow featuring Rita Ora is a guaranteed top 5′ that’s pretty classic you got a minute


    Regina Reply:

    @Oh, Nicki already made a classic album it was called Pink Friday and sold 375k went #1 in multiple countries & platinum in a month.. be seated. Jay z overrated ass wish he been trash since roc la familia

    he just picks the right features


    Oh Reply:


    Go to bed goofy Barb. You probably dont know what classic even means. Pink Flopday is NOT A CLASSIC.

    If it was she would have won MULTIPLE Grammy’s by now. And her album wouldnt have a low ass MetaCritic score, you dumb bitches are blinded by numbers and charts but when it comes down to music you bitches have no consistency from Nicki



    Nobody will be talking about Pink Flopday 10 years from now


    suckafrees Reply:


    pink friday is a classic

    >Had 8 singles. 8 f**king singles
    7 charted on the Hot 100
    4 of those singles were top 20 singles

    she had 4 top 20 singles on one album

    features from 3 of the biggest rappers at the time in eminem, kanye, and drake
    3 certified legends wanted to be a part of this classic album

    >album also went platinum

    nicki minaj cemented herself as the most powerful and best female mc after only one album

    album was released the same week as one of the most over-hyped albums in the history of music ( kanye west mbdtf) and pink friday had stood the test of time unlike some other albums

    pink friday has no filler from nicki
    has a few trash verses but we wont mention any names

    pink friday was a first successful crossover between pop and rap ( female eminem tbh)

    ground-breaking piece of work


    Frijoles refritos Reply:

    @Oh, but your am iggy fan



    Basic losers didn’t even understand my comment but quick to post a reply. Never did I came at YB or his producing. I came at Rihanna and the being “down all night” type of song that she’s approving to record and put it unlike songs from the heart that Nicki penned. It wasn’t even a diss it’s fact. Rihanna hasn’t had an album touch me as much as Rated R did. Oh you’re mad because a real Nicki fan and not an undercover came first instead of your pressed Azz.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @GEEZUS, Nicki is is just as “generic”, as you put it, as Rihanna. At least Rihanna is original in the sense of a Brand. Nicki is a bad hybrid of the past mixed in with redundant lyrics, and silicone. Please lets not forget the second half of PFRR… and you want to once again talk about generic? #byefelicia



    @Raven-Symone, hold up pause look at your name lol should you be talking about any artist when your fav is gone and no where to be find lets be honest nicki minaj is a brand tell me which female rapper is on the top like her


  3. @Bruno_Tip

    i love him ^^


  4. LULU

    the funny thing is, the song was never confirmed to be on the album nor was it confirmed that she recorded it but the queens on this site are so busy arguing that they haven’t properly read



  5. Major Sushi

    Oh he a BABE!


  6. Why?

    Why do people always have to fight in the comments on these posts? So much hate in the world.


    thor Reply:

    @Why?, Lol sweety if there weren’t haters this world would be a boring place lol


  7. Andy

    Don’t know if I should son these uneducated haters or just relax and read the interesting news.


  8. EdgarC

    That pink shit sounds whack as fuck!


  9. Jade

    Pills n potions is wack so if her album sounds like it then it will be trash also.


  10. Face

    Oh shit! “The Business” dude! Good move for him venturing into writing/producing.

    I’ll be checking for his Rihanna contributions.


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