Video: YG – ‘Bicken Back Being Bool’


It’s just another typical day on the block until all hell breaks loose in the video for YG’s “Bicken Back Being Bool,” the DJ Mustard-produced cut off his debut My Krazy Life.

Decked out in their Bloods gang attire, the Bompton rapper and his homies kick back and sip 40s in their front yard until shots ring out. They scatter and the cops eventually come calling.

The Alex Nazari-directed clip also features a cameo from Ty Dolla $ign.


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  1. Spaska Angelova

    no comment


  2. d. kells

    You know being born and raised in Compton I don’t appreciate all this glorifying gang banging especially when I see people my age 28 or younger thinking it’s cool to gang bang you end up two ways in jail or dead on a street corner you fighting over that you don’t even own it’s so stupid. Compton is not a city that represents gang banging and I know as a young black man I don’t like seeing this. We as young black and brown men and woman stand for something better knowledge, hard work and loving God forget all that stupid gang banging mentality we are worth more.


  3. Shameka

    @d. kells, very well said! My family lived in Compton for many years and we finally moved when I was in the fourth grade. Compton has always had the gang banging stigma attached to it and probably always will but it’s sad that this is the portrait of Compton YG chooses to project into world…. I am happy that he was able to make something out of himself but unfortunately young kids today do not have the cognitive capabilities to separate entertainment from reality… I am sure YG in living it up in Glendale or Tarzana and not kicking it on a porch in Compton anymore!


    d. kells Reply:

    @Shameka, Very true and to be clear on what I said to anyone else on here because I am sure someone will take it the wrong way. I am not blaming anything on him and yes I too am glad he made something of himself, But for one he is not from Compton was not even born or raised in Compton which makes me angry because the society and news already has put this label on Compton along with many rappers before YG that all we stand for is gang banging in Compton and that is so far from the truth. As a Compton born and raised young black man I know of plenty people who are not in gangs and I also do not like that gang banging is so glorified as if it is something to be proud of. Lets all put on blue and red rags and shoot another and kill other black and mexican men or woman over a color and a neighborhood that does not belong to us sounds so dumb and we are killing another for what? Respect, a color or to please the big homie that does what for us? Nothing at all.

    We as young black and mexican people have enough scrutiny from this world to deal with already. All I ask is can we stand for something better then gangs, jewelry, cars and material or street cred.


    a commentator Reply:

    @d. kells, you saying he ain’t from compton?


    d. kells Reply:

    @a commentator, He was born in Paramount, CA and he claims Compton, Ca which is not important or the point I’m writing about. But I am just answering your question since that is what you asked me.


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