Rap-Up TV: Common Talks State of Hip-Hop, Praises Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj

With his 10th album Nobody’s Smiling in stores, Common sat down with Rap-Up TV for part two of our exclusive interview. A 20-year veteran himself, the Chi-town MC weighed in on the current state of hip-hop.

“I love hip-hop. I love where hip-hop is. There’s future in hip-hop,” he said. “You always have dark, light, quality, non-quality, but there’s some quality hip-hop out there.”

He singled out the TDE camp in particular. “I can appreciate the aspects of the quality hip-hop and the freedom that I get out of artists, whether it’s Ab-Soul or Kendrick Lamar,” he said. “Their whole team does unique things.”

So can we expect a collaboration between him and the Compton MC? “Man, I would love to do a record with Kendrick,” said Common. “That album [good kid, m.A.A.d city] to me is like one of the most complete albums we’ve heard in hip-hop in a long time. It was the album that set a milestone [...] from the new era of rap artists.”

He also praised Nicki Minaj’s Chicago-inspired record “Chi-Raq.” “I love that joint. I was rockin’ it as soon as I heard it,” he said. “I think Nicki Minaj is a dope MC. She can really rhyme to me. From what she did on ‘Monster’ to now, she still is snappin’. When you hear her rap, you’re like, damn, this woman is cold. I mess with Nicki Minaj.”

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  1. DDC

    Better tell em common.


  2. DDC

    Waiting for Oh and the rest of backyard bandwagoners to come and trash nicki.


  3. babcy

    but a stupid homo called “Oh” thinks she’s trash…Lord deliver him/her. Nicki is Ill on d mic


  4. babcy

    Nicki is Ill on d mic


  5. KEN.

    The acclaim she’s been receiving lately <3



    Oh Reply:

    @KEN., bitch just cuz Common didnt trash this wack whore dont me she has acclaim notice he aint say shit about her lyricism he said “she can rhyme” lmfaoooooooo FOH. Nicki aint shit but a fucking industry puppet who sells fakeness to little girls


    Obama Reply:

    @Oh, he actually said she’s a dope MC & that when you hear her rap she’s cold but why would you include those two factors.. lol


    KEN. Reply:


    You’re too old for this sir


    Oh Reply:

    @KEN., Bitch you dont know how old i am

    YOUR TOO OLD to be wasting your life defending someone who gives 0 FUCKS about you and never will


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Oh, the irony.

    You’re waaaay too young to be on the internet, if you can’t back up your claims.


    Andy Reply:

    Stop. If Commmon would have praised Iggy you won’t say sh.t but hate on Nicki instead of commenting about Iggy. Talking about industry puppet when Iggy is exactly that. And is not only Common who have praised Minaj. Dozens of rappers and music critics have said so.

    Do you even reason?


  6. JR

    So Common is happy the direction hip hop is going into? What? Only think dope about hip hop now is kendrick. The rest it garbage.


  7. Andy

    Add him to the list of rappers who have praised Nicki.

    You see you can have an opinion about Nic. However, like it or not, the opinion of musicians/rappers who have more experience and knowledge -than almost all people that hates on Nicki’s work- are worthier than your hateful, repetitive, superficial and incoherent opinions.

    Do your f-cking research
    You ain’t know this the no rip zone
    This the “You can’t beat Nicki” zone


  8. DDC



    I mean she DOES put in work. She’s the same artist on the mixtapes as now. She gives variety. That’s why she’s in the position she is right now. Know one can take that away from her because no one gave it to her she said this is what I’m going to bring to hip hop, hate it or love it this is what it is while still spitting and still having one of the best flow’s in the game.


  10. We Found Rihanna.

    He said Nicki is a dope MC. OMG!


  11. Mario

    Nicki knows how to spit bars and I dont know why everyone that hates her thinks she cant. you may not like her or her music but you cant deny her ability to spit. she has it. its so many rappers that praise Nicki because of her skill but the public wants to hate her just because the public pretends that drama between artists is their drama too. Cant wait to see what else Nicki has in storec she has been killing it lately.


  12. Danielle

    @Oh, I agree with you completely. These fools think preaching truth is hate. Please don’t listen to these five year old fools. She’s pure crap. Kendrick ain’t shit but a 2 Pac wannabe and overrated. There are many other female and male rappers more talented than these two. Common is trying to keep up with this lost youth.


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