New Music: Jasmine V f/ Kendrick Lamar – ‘That’s Me Right There’

That's Me Right There

While the world awaits his sophomore album, Kendrick Lamar blesses pop sensation Jasmine V with a verse on “That’s Me Right There,” the first single off her upcoming EP, due later this summer.

“It was amazing working with him,” Jasmine told Teen Vogue of the Compton MC. “That was like the last piece of the puzzle we needed for the EP. He’s so busy and has his own career to work on, so I was just waiting patiently for the day he was going to come.”

The 20-year-old singer, who played Justin Bieber’s leading lady in his “Baby” video, is now signed to Ester Dean’s label through Interscope. The EP marks her first project since her 2011 mixtape S(he) Be(lie)ve(d), which featured Tyga and Ryan Leslie.

Stream “That’s Me Right There” below.

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  1. Rozay-MMG

    So manufactured. Dont see why labels keep pushing this generic stuff with new artists it hasn’t worked for like 5 years.


  2. ?

    This is exactly y she still hasn’t made it. She doesn’t make hits.



    kendrick lamar is overrated and you stans should be ashamed to even try and compare to drake


    bigman Reply:

    @CARLOS, nah bruh u got it wrong it’s drake whom shouldn’t be compared to kendrick


  4. TRP

    Jasmine V has been mediocre since she’s tried to step on the scene. I never see her making it in the music industry. She’s a cute girl, maybe TV or movies but not music.


  5. K

    This is jasmines best but she needs better songs! She is beautiful and cu of that she can make it elsewhere. She impressed me as a child but not anymore. She isn’t anything new, doesn’t have a new style or not even a new beauty, there are so many Latinas as beautiful as she. And kendrick very much helped her but the song still isn’t a hit. She probably paid him to be on her verse whereas he would have jumped at minutes notice to be on another singers song


  6. killacam

    this song sounds stale, not feeling it, waste of a decent kendrick verse


  7. yolpk Sverxzea yr line

    This sound like a mixtape song also maybe there are many other artist signed to that label interscope they. May be some jack up record label this is a nice song if she can write for other artist and get pay for it that would be nice for her plus I don’t see her lasting long in this music business she isn’t new to the music business like an new artist


  8. Samuel897

    Love Jasmine V voice. This is a song that is radio friendly. This song is good perfect for the club.


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