New Music: Lil Mama – ‘No Flex Zone (Freestyle)’

No Flex Zone (Remix)

Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, and Juicy J have all had a go at Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone.” Now Lil Mama shows her muscle with her own remix to the Mike WiLL Made-It-produced hit, which she released as part of her “Lyrical Purge” freestyle series.

“I run circles ’round actors / I’m too nasty, I’ll leave a ring around the bathtub,” she spits.

Last week, she kicked off the series with a remix to Drake’s “0 to 100.”

Enter Lil Mama’s “No Flex Zone” below.

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  1. HoneyBFly

    She did good


    Oh Reply:

    @HoneyBFly, Shes way more talented than Nicki


    asdf Reply:

    In what way to be precise? What unit of measurement did you use?

    Why can’t you just say Lil Mama’s talented, period.


    inkbloT Reply:

    @asdf, I concur! Just say that she’s talented. There is room for everyone, especially in the female rap world.


  2. ScoobyDew

    Rapping with a southern accent y


  3. Cali kid

    She did really well!


  4. Major Sushi

    1st of all, this song should stop being remixed. It’s over-tiring (plus, the chorus is just annoying).

    2nd. She killed it.

    3rd: Don’t reply to tell me otherwise.


    theyknw Reply:

    @Major Sushi,

    1st: I know.

    2nd: She did.

    3rd: I just did.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @theyknw, bitch


  5. Dave

    Murdered it!


  6. C

    Yes! she killed it! them what ur here for mama!


  7. t

    oh she finally be cussing… thats right lil mama anybody was gonna take you seriously when you tried being a rapper and setting an example for the youth at the same time. she should have put a 2nd verse on it but its great!


  8. Prince Naseem

    I been waiting on you mama


  9. Wow

    She snapped!! Been waiting on her to do this!


  10. The Truth

    Lil Mama killin shit tho


  11. Aurora

    She did good! I thought Lil Mama was whack sauce but she actually did good, I think it’s because she stepped out of that whole “voice of the youth” or whatever.
    She definitely did better than Ace Hood but I don’t think she did better than Nicki (based off the fact that Nicki switched up her flow from rapping, to girly, to singing, to reggae)
    But that’s just if you want to compare.

    Otherwise, she did good. Kinda sucks she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves simply because she’s “Lil Mama”.


  12. dongit

    this bish is lyrical beast. her a milli freestyle shitted on nickis entire garbages catalog.


  13. daasia carmona

    My men was in the video hes the one with the stars shirt..I love him and soon ill be in one of her video*****


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