Win Tickets to See Beyoncé and Jay Z’s ‘On the Run Tour’ in L.A.!

Jay Z and Beyoncé

Beyoncé and Jay Z are making their way across the country on their epic “On the Run Tour.” After shutting down stadiums in Miami, Brooklyn, and Chicago, the superstar couple will hit the West Coast with two back-to-back shows at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. this weekend.

Rap-Up is giving two lucky readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to the biggest tour of the year, which wraps its U.S. leg on August 6 at San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

If you haven’t purchased tickets, some are still available at Ticketmaster or you can enter to win below.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us why you should win in 20 words or less. Be sure to include a valid email address where we can contact you (this will not be displayed publicly). One entry per person. Two winners will be selected to receive a pair of tickets to the show on Sunday, August 3.


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  1. Damien

    I always put others happiness before myself and sacrifice a lot for all the people that I love very much.

    Meme Reply:

    @Damien, I should win becuz I dislike Beyoncé and maybe if I go to her concert I’ll be converted to a hives.

    Jordan Mcnair Reply:

    Missed MCSWT and LOTS due to taking my finals which i dont regret because the CARTERS music helped me pass

    Joey Garcia Reply:

    @Damien, I should win because I would like to surprise my girlfriend for graduating college and taking the MCAT for Medical School recently! We are both big long time Bey&Jay fans! Please make this happen for us!

    chasz Reply:

    My dream is to see her live, expressing her beautiful relationship. I’ve loved her since Destinys Child, and always will.

  2. Ruben

    I’m crazy in love with Bey and Jay, actually drunk in love. Their music is legendary and they’re perfect.

  3. Jesus guerrero


  4. Jared

    While I couldn’t afford tickets, I’d love to attend this once in a lifetime experience would result in timeless memories.

  5. Markaysha

    Beyonce is life and I’ve been looking for tickets for a long time. She Is A Good Role Model .

  6. ChuckyRay

    I’ve followed her from start and being the same age as her I’ve grown up with her music and her I would love to attend this epic show.

  7. Yodit Kibrom


  8. Wynter's Aroow

    I’m a huge fan of them individually and together. I love what they represent as a power couple.

  9. dee

    i have a fuck buddy in LA and it would be a good excuse to go get some dick. beyonce is a bad bitch.

  10. Samuel Orange

    I’m Beyoncé’s biggest fan, she slays and Jay-Z is a rap phenomenon. The end! :)

  11. Levi

    She is best inspiration and favorite artist I have ever had in my life Since 97′.

  12. gloria

    Its been way to long since ive been out without my kiddos date night with beyonce would be nice!

  13. LaDayha

    I been trying to look for bey nd jay tickets I been trying to win and the time hasn’t came . I love her so much I hope god bless me with these tickets please and thank you . Such a big fan !

  14. Casey

    What can I Say about the Carter’s they are what I plan to be in life successful & prove everybody wrong ! #BEYONCEISLIFE “DONT WORRY BE YONCÉ”

  15. Tia P.

    As an artist striving to reach new heights, they’ve broken the glass ceiling, letting me know there are endless possibilities.

  16. Chavis Humphrey

    Because I really want to treat my special someone to an amazing night in Los Angeles at his favorite artists concert.

  17. Samuel Orange

    I’ve never seen Beyoncé or Jay-Z. I want a chance to cry, faint, and hyperventilate all in one night.

  18. LaDayha

    I love bey & jay I been looking for tickets. Hope God bless me with these. Please & thank you

  19. Dani Hernandez

    My first bought CD was dangerously in love, HOV is one of our generations most respected rapper. Ultimate power couple’

  20. Maurice

    I need to see them because it’s an Once in a lifetime opportunity that I want to experience.

  21. Preston

    I’ve struggled with allowing myself to live freely without regard to other’s feelings. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have set me free.

  22. Yasmine Bartlett

    I’ve always wanted to see them both in concert. Due to financial reasons I was unable to. I am a fan of both. I would love to take time out as a working young mother and go!! I am a young wife and my husband and I will like to change the world like they have!

  23. Que

    I believe they are the prototype for excellence, and I feel I’ll be apart of music history attending this show.

  24. jose

    Never been to a concert would be nice to take my lady out to witness history. We love Rap-up!

  25. Sammy_Boii


  26. Corey Moody

    I honestly want to treat my aunt who is a huge fan, but didn’t get a ticket. she’s a 2nd mom to me and always puts others before herself, so I want to bless her.

  27. Tori Cuseo

    Pick ME, ’cause All I need in this life of sin, is JAY and BEYONCE. <3

  28. KEN.

    Lol why do I have to be from London :((((

  29. Nealy

    Instead of telling you how iconic these two are and their inspiration…I am a fan first. I don’t really have to say it- they are the shit,they know it the world knows it. Just to be in that room!

  30. Greg Smith

    My gf and I are big fans of Beyonce & Jay-Z since the beginning.We’re from Houston. Please Pick Us.

  31. Adrian

    Because I’m a BeyBey fan…I’m an workaholic – Working 7 days/week and I DESERVE IT :)

  32. charla.92

    They are two of my favorite musicians and I’ve never had the opportunity to see neither in concert yet, due to circumstances. I would love to experience this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity.

  33. Andre

    Jay and Bey are constant motivators that hardwork and drive pay off. They are my idols.

  34. Jory

    It would be awesome to surprise my g/f with her first night out post-baby! I win, she wins!


    I Think I Should Win Because I Love Beyonce and Jay Z Duh!!!

  36. Bobby James

    I’m crying because this is probably my only chance of seeing them. I cany afford to see them so this would be an amazing birthday present for me. My birthday is 8/4.

  37. Jamar

    I should win not only because I’m a huge fan of Beyonce, but because I’m a huge fan of Jay Z as well. I aspire to even achieve half as much as they have.

  38. Javían

    That’d be the best college gift ever

  39. Ryan

    Omg my mom loves Bey and Jay and this would be the best gift I could give her

  40. DGreen


  41. Marii

    As someone who loves Beyonce, I have collected everything except for a ticket because I have to support my family.

  42. McKinnon Powell III

    My iguana just passed away last sunday and I am Beyonce’s biggest fan this would help with the loss.

  43. Sara Ergen is my #1 hip-hop source, so I’d love to win through Rap-Up to see my #1 power couple!

  44. Ashley Pratt

    This would be the highlight of my life right about now….that is all

  45. corwin rhynes

    As two brand/culture icons it would feel incredible to strengthen my faith in music as a entity by seeing jay/bey.

  46. Jordan Brown

    I think I should win because I read RAPUP every day and work and it is the best site to keep up on my HIP-HOP knowledge! HOLLA!

    Jordan Brown Reply:

    at work***

  47. Kaly

    If the rumors are true this could possibly be an end of an era I dont want to miss history

    dee Reply:

    @Kaly, you def arent winning. and BTW its hilarious this woman released an album and recorded 17 videos without anyone knowing YET EVERYONE SEEMS TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON IN HER MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!

  48. vicky

    I live in Los Angeles! Been a Beyoncé fan for the longest, but never had the money to see her!

  49. Noneya

    Jay & Bey inspire me to live life with purpose and rise above the ordinary. Greatness attracts greatness. Pick me!

  50. Carl

    I’m 35, and I’ve never been to a concert. It would be pretty neat.

  51. Stepha Nico

    Kus I work everyday and I’m trying to learn in every way and I know I can only dream of attending every concert afforded to me but I already missed the queens concert “Lauryn Hill” now I gotta miss this tour? pssh I’ll probably be working anyway . . . The struggle is real BEY!

    Ps: I know the chances of winning are like petals being pulled from a flower but take my words into consideration after all I’m no follower . . .

  52. Kristen

    I have always heard how amazing Beyonce and JayZ are in person and how they tend to give people life with their concerts. I would love to be apart of the magic!

  53. Chloe Campbell

    Both times bey came I couldn’t afford tickets my friends made fun of me I gotta win 4 once.

  54. white chocolate

    I read Rap-Up everyday and have been a fan of both their entire careers.

  55. Merril Nowden

    I’m a singer/songwriter heavily influenced by Beyonce. I cried when I couldn’t go,I have to win!

  56. Derrick Moore

    Last year I lost my self, almost committed. & music brought me back. I always think about other people & I think now is the time to think about myself & happiness. And OTRT would be the best.

  57. Hannah smith

    I’m proof she’s a positive role model for young women.I work hard, graduated from college,& comfortable in my skin by her influence

  58. Kiaon Atkins

    if I won I would be so blessed this would be my 1st concert and I would love the opportunity to represent RapUp

  59. Ellis

    I had a ticket to the Chicago show, but had to sell it due to work scheduling. I deserve this!

  60. Kiaon Atkins

    I would go to represent and to experience my 1st concert in my life, Thank You

  61. Chris

    Bey is a boss! Jay is a boss! This show is required for my lives fulfillment!! Please pick me Rap-Up!

  62. Chris

    Bey is a boss! Jay is a boss! This show is required for my lifes fulfillment!! Please pick me Rap-Up!

  63. Janelle

    This would be a dream come true! Beyonce is Queen. I would love to see the queen live!

  64. Karissa

    The opportunity to go and see the best game changing power couple of all time,sponsored by one of my favorite sites, would be the highlight of my life and an honest dream come true. Please pick me Rap-Up!

  65. Judy Okan

    When Beyoncé came to Australia, I wasn’t able to attend. Seeing her live completes my bucket list. Please !

  66. TiMMy

    Huge fan of the Queen Bee and Hov, but not a crazy psychotic fan like others. Choose me, please!

  67. Brandy

    I’m a HUGE fan of both of them. Seen Beyonce at essence a couple years ago and she gives a great performance. Never seen Jay, would LOVE to. I’m obsessed with this site and I’ve never been to Cali. Would LOVE to win ticket. I’ve never win ticket on a site, radio station etc. So this would be pretty cool. Please pick me!!!

  68. Anthony

    I live in Hawaii, unfortunately Hawaii has never seen any of the Beyonce tours, and I have been a Beyonce fan since I heard “so good” from the writings on the wall.

  69. Allyson

    All I need in this life of sin is to win!

  70. Chi Chen

    Beyonce and Jay are the Queen and King of hip-hop. This is the power couple right herre. It’s history in the making and I want to be a part of the history in the making! Love.

  71. Mark

    This will truly be the experience of a lifetime for me. They both inspire me in so many ways. PLEASE!!

  72. tracy

    i should win tickets to the concert because there is no reason why i shouldn’t win. thank you.

  73. Chi Chen

    Beyonce and Jay are the Queen and King of Hip-hop. This is the power couple right herre, history in the making! I want to be a part of this history in the making! Love.

  74. Alexandra

    Been a fan of both since I was six and could not afford to go, this would be everything for me!

  75. Bhris Bade

    This is the only site I go to for my celeb info. I know when I read info it’s true. I LOVE Jay-Z and Beyonce. Id be truly greatful to win!!

  76. IGShawnimpulse

    I should win these tickets because, it’s been a dream to experience Beyoncé + Hov #MINDHASBEENBLOWN #Greatness

  77. IGShawnimpulse

    I have been soo inspirers by Jay – Z and beyonce. The concept of this tour is unspeakable its .. its incomparable… it’s BEYONCÉ!

  78. Tyrice

    It would be great to experience an epic show with true legends Beyoncé/Jay-Z. As a daily reader, it would be an honor to represent LA with

  79. Clu

    This is for my younger sister Mo, who has every Ivy League school in the country calling my house. Her gift.

  80. poppoop

    Big fan of both Jay and Bey, I gotta be there to break up the fight when Solange attacks again.

  81. Chicago

    I always put others happiness before my own. I just need one day to feel special and enjoy myself with the worlds favorite couple.

  82. marcosj1988

    I LOVE ME SOME CARTERS queen bey,king jay z,and princess blue run the world!!!!

  83. Kandace

    I don’t want to miss out on the concert of the summer! Jay + Bey, pure PERFECTION!

  84. K193

    This have been a hard and stressful summer, I haven’t done any thing fun but prepare for school and packaging to move. This would be a great stress reliever to end the summer with one of the biggest tours of the year!

    thanks RAP-UP in advance! :)

  85. Brandon

    Because I’m (dangerously), (crazy), and (drunk in love) with them! And you guys should say (yes) and pick me !

  86. Sincere Simmons

    So I can take my daughter who I haven’t spent any daddy daughter quality time with this summer at all

  87. Michael

    I just finished a very challenging graduate program and this would be the perfect graduation gift for me.

  88. Stefan

    Beyoncé and jay z are the king and queen of music!!! Would do anything to see this show :) I know all songs lyrics and bought every album they ever released!!
    24/81 memorial avenue, liverpool Sydney Australia 2170

  89. Jasmine henry

    I have always been a jayz fan sense day one I would to see him love with his beautiful wife the tour seems like it really awesome to be at

  90. syncere

    My sister just had a baby and It would be a dope treat to a new mother and best sister!

  91. Jasmine henry

    That would be a highlight of my life because I have never been to an concert before I would love to be there to see jay z live I love him so much I do not care what people are saying about I still love him roc nation for life

  92. Got Damn

    Beyoncé said she misses music’s immersive experiences. I’d love to see and feel B+J bring that feeling back to life!!

  93. ***Flawless Gentleman

    Because I Would Look So Good That Nighhht!!! GODT DAMN, GODT DAMN, GODT DAMN!!!

  94. Jerel Smith

    my tickets were stolen/sold for drugs by family. If possible, God will let me win. They are my motivators.

  95. Joe

    Beyonce is my spirit animal and Jay-Z is my roommate Athena’s spirit animal.

  96. Courtney Thorpe

    My fiancé is the biggest beyonce fan. I just proposed to him and this would be the biggest surprise besides that. I couldn’t take him to see her when he asked because I was laid off from my job. So please give me this opportunity to take the man I love to see his idol. Thank You

  97. Cliff II.

    Because I’ll be unselfish & give the tickets to my two sisters that missed the Chicago show on lastweek.

  98. Gabrielle Corriveau

    Because I love Beyoncé so much it hurts !! To see Bey live is a check I have to do on my bucket list. I just checked my top 25 of the most listened songs on my iTunes -14 songs are by Beyoncé and 1 is by Destiny’s Child. Her music is the soundtrack of my life. She inspires me a lot. She made me the Boss ass bitch I am today. Give her credit for that. Peace.

  99. John

    I am not a Beyonce fan, my friends hate me for it . I need her to make me a believer.

  100. sandra

    I would like to win and I should win because I love beyonce and Jay-Z .I look up to these 2. They show me that love and business can work together. They are two very strong individuals. I also adore, love, and love 2 dance and sing along to there music.This would be a once and a lifetime experience for me cause I have never ever been to a concert.I would love to win a ticket to see them.And I know these two will havethe best concert in the world.

  101. Jarvis!

    I want to see Beyonce because I’ve never been to a Beyonce concert & I need a trip away from country Georgia! Save Me!

  102. AnthonyCW

    Friends going without me — “Déjà Vu.” I’ll surfbort my way there — “Drunk in Love.” But still brokety broke — “Upgrade (Me).”

  103. Dubem

    For some reason i believe i have bad luck,I hope I win these tickets just so i can prove myself wrong.

  104. Tay


  105. Jaron

    I’ve Been working 24/7 for the last 30 Days. I haven’t had any free/down time. I had two pair of Jayz and Beyonce tickets but someone broke in my car in got them now u can’t go and I was taking my mother with me. I really wish I still had the tickets because I really want to gojarin

  106. Martin A

    I want to win cause I have never been to a concert. And I love both artist and would love to see what they bring :)

  107. Gregory Salas

    Beyonce and JayZ are a powerhouse couple that is always providing content for this awesome site . To see them live would be a dream come true.

  108. Lo

    I promised my niece I would take her to go see Beyonce the next time she came in concert . We love Bey & Jay !

  109. Seth

    I won tickets at a club last year to see beyonce but I couldn’t afford to see her (gas,hotel). I would love to experience a concert. The last concert I attended was in 2006. And I never win anything.

  110. Max Xylem

    Let me break it down to you (RAP-UP) in 3 easy steps on why I should win to go see BEY&JAY in LA.
    1. I live in LA, So its a guarantee that I will go! (You don’t wanna give it up to someone who won’t go, lol)

    2. I love Bey & Jay, I bump their music in my civic everyday

    3. I would love to take my baby on a date, so that we could feel like we crazy in love like bey&jay. Gotta get that mood set.

    oh and P.S. I Read RAP-UP Everyday, and I mean everyday, it’s my #1 source on music and entertainment, keeps me in the know, and I stay current on my music because of you guys. So either way, if I don’t win, I just want to say thank you for all the work you put into this site day in and day out. Thanksamillion

  111. Noah

    Such an amazing opportunity to see 2 people I never seen live on stage before, once in a lifetime experience .

  112. Jose Tapia

    Still camping out in hopes to get in. Broke Fans do what they got to do to get in!

  113. Robert Taylor

    Who doesn’t love HOVA and Beyoncé. Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience.

  114. Kina

    I believe that life can sometimes work in your favor.Especially if you’re positive and Opportunities like this arrive.

  115. LC

    Beyonce is my life muse. J+B’s presences represents HOPE, and reminds me to keep fighting for my dreams. #Hollywood #actor

  116. David

    Watching the greatest rapper on stage with the greatest entertainer in the greatest city would be a dream come true!

  117. Carlos Avina

    Beyoncè has been apart of my life since 5th grade I’m a ride or die Behive fanatic. Her music has really change my life. I can sit here and tell you how great she is but the point is I want to witness the greatest concert this century! @RapUp please consider me @killerbey87 all my social media

  118. Jay

    Dear RapUp team

    My year so far has not been gOod, after many life changing Events, I’m slOWly getting back up and seeing that “GOD wILL never give me more that I can’t handle”. tHis website is part of dailymy life. As kiss ass as this might sound. I visit this site everyday. I’m 35 years old and I must say You guys keep me current on music before it becomes mainstream popular. Seeing these 2 stars will be a sight of relief and new start.

    I want this thicket because I’m worth it and I’m in control of my life.


  119. Rashonce

    I love that woman more than my next breath and I’ve never seen her live or on person that’s my dying wish

  120. Albert

    Just because i’ll on the run to be a good reporter and blogger for

  121. Aziza

    I need a Va-Ca-Tion *Jeezy Voice* that’s why I should win!:-) and the last time I saw Beyonce live was ’09!

  122. Michael

    these tix are the best thing i never had.
    when rap-up say yes
    on the run tour i’ll go.
    i care.
    i am…obsessed, crazy in love, drunk in love, dangerously in love
    w/ epic dreamgirl,
    diva, naughty girl,
    soon to be single lady.
    the hip-hop rappin:
    flaws n all.

    check on it:
    i would like to thank the judges for picking me
    my parents who I love
    i love you rap-up
    i love you rap-up
    gimme the green light.

  123. GOAT

    “Where Im From” “Can I Live” “Young Gifted And Black” “On The Run” “Wishing On A Star” “Young Forever”

  124. Gia

    Love thy self .. “Do what thou wilt”

  125. Ray

    Never been to a Bey or Jay concert and it would give me inspiration to live my dreams.

  126. T Paige

    This has been a rough year. Lost my job car and home. One good get away for my love and I would soothe the soul.

  127. Philip

    My dad is a fan of Sade & Jay-Z. We saw Sade years ago and he’d love to see Jay-Z.

  128. Chris


  129. Brendan

    Beyonce helped me through difficult times and taught me to “accept my shine” and love “me, myself, and I.”

  130. Jiyad

    Jay-Z was the reason why I started listening to Hip-Hop couple of years ago.

  131. Kyle

    The reason why I should see Bey and Jay is because I.couldn’t afford to see them in Chicago or Cincinnati. I live on my own so I.have to pay bills student loans, car note and other important things. I love them both for their ambition, drive, craft ond appnreciatio n

  132. Dare

    Can’t afford tickets, it’d be a great gift of appreciation to my mom ( hardworking single parent) before I start college.

  133. Ricardo Zelaya

    Reasons why you should choose me-

    Ive never been to a concert!!
    I live for rap-up
    Beyonce is my frickin idol!
    Jay-Z is my favorite rapper
    Ive never been to a concert!
    I been workin and going to school full time so this would be a treat for me!
    I live in LA now,
    oh and Ive never been to a concert! LOL

  134. Natt

    allow me to reintroduce myself..I want to be able to sing along before my dad can’t go to concerts any longer. please pick me

  135. Darian

    Can’t afford tickets, it’d be a great gift of appreciation for mom (hardworking single parent) before I go to college.

  136. tyler sompa

    I absolutely love beyonce!!! But this isnt not for me. I have two volleyball players that i coach for hs and i would love them to see her because literally in and out the gym they are dancing and singing her songa like they are having their own concert. Itd be so awesome for me to win these for them! They would just love it!!!

  137. Lyndsey

    I should win because they are my IDOLS & this is my only opportunity to see this iconic tour!

    Quentin Ruvuna Reply:

    jay-z and beyonce is best inspiration and favorite artists I have ever had in my life Since 99′. The whole family loves them and this would be everything for us.. plus this is my only opportunity to see them!!

  138. Quinton

    2 Newlyweds,Crazy n luv, 2014 B&C music enthusiasts always looking 4 a grrrrreat time! Big fans from the start.

  139. Quinton


  140. Khris

    Saw this on twitter, clicked on the link cuz I’m drunk and spent way too much in drinks tonight. Did I wi. N? I’m too honest sometimes. Wait is this more than 20 words ?

  141. Bry'Nt Johntel

    It would be an absolute pleasure to get to see Beyonce , after being a fan since Destinys Child, but never seen her live due to life circumstances

  142. Gregory Mars

    she is the female MJ, it’s an amazing concert I heard, I couldn’t get tickets to other shows. Please!

  143. C

    I will fly from London to LA and make a short film about the experience on the run with bae.

  144. Christina

    Two legends, one stage, my hometown ? THE ultimate dream. Please. Pains me I can’t afford due to cost of living.

  145. shamill

    i really wanna win the tickets for my mom! she loves beyonce and jay-z and now that shes getting a bit older i want to give her the chance to experience there show!

  146. NASIR

    I live in LA and never seen Bey or Jay live. I would love to take my mom for her birthday!

  147. Page

    Despite the fame and wealth, together they both remain themselves. Taking my mom for her 50th would be the best !!

  148. Parmvir Bal

    My girlfriend is a huge beyonce and jayz fan, she just came out of the hospital after 2 months this would mean the world to her.

  149. Juan

    Put simply, #Beyonce is a #Beysus & Jay-Z is #HOV This will be a dream come true of mines.

  150. Stephen

    The king and queen!!

  151. David

    Thank you rapup for this opportunity to even try. I actually been trying to get tickets myself due to me leaving for New York to go to college in a few more days in August. So I have really been trying to do something nice with my mother before I leave her because I am her first child, so I just really wanted something we both can remember this summer as a family enjoying ourselves before I leave.

    The best way to contact me is through e-mail. Thank you again.

  152. Dennys

    “Lucky at cards, unlucky in love” – If I should win, at least I know about my relationship status.

  153. Keith

    I feel like should I be the winner…..cause I admire what Beyoncé and jay-z do as artist and I am fan of whatever music they put together……cause I feel like they both make good music and good album and they deserve to be the greatest artist of all time…..I never had a chance to go to a jay- z and a Beyoncé concert…..but I would love to go and I know they will put on a great performance…..I like all jay-z and all Beyoncé album….they never disappoint when they put out albums……I really want meet them see in person and they also true legends…..they are both inspirational and I feel like they are one of the most hardest working artist in the industry and ahead of they time and both deserve a hall of fame for there hard work and dedication for what they had done in the past years…’s only one jay-z and it’s only one Beyoncé they are already chosen no one does it like them as artist…..and I hope they marriage continue to work out for the better much love to jay-z and Beyoncé-Keith

  154. Andre

    There music gives life. They’ve inspired me so much in my life. I respect their hustle & grind.

  155. Keith

    I see that jay-z and Beyoncé is going on tour August 2nd which is my birthday and I was really surprised because it’s on my birthday!

  156. blaq

    I would like to purpose to my gf, after losing our first child I want her to know I lover her just as much as she loves beyonce.

  157. copyrite

    I should win because it’s gonna be Virgo season and I’m a Virgo like beg

  158. Dianne

    Beyonce is a true female inspiration and her music gives me life. She is my role model :)

  159. Carol

    I would love to win this for the love of my life. He inspires me to be better and we have been going through some tough times. Rap Up Pease make this happen it would mean a lot to us!

  160. Cisco is awesome for giving back to the fans, anyone is truly deserving of those tickets. I haven’t gone to a concert and I would like to surpise my girlfriend with tickets to Beyoncé. It’s our one year anniversary this weekend.

  161. Queen B

    I would love to win because seeing my biggest inspiration live would be the best thing in the world

  162. Pick My Mama!

    My mom just beat breast cancer and she is a long time Beyonce fan!

  163. Jaime Ortega

    My name is Jaime Ortega I live in La! I always read and retweet rap-up and love your articles I love Beyoncé she is my ultimate favorite singer amd performer and inspiration this last year I lost my job and have been working to lay back everything I owe I haven’t had time to go out and just have a fun night i have never gone to a Beyoncé concert but I have all her Live Dvd’s and have imagined myself there so many times.

  164. Chris

    I’m actually moving to San Francisco on August 6th, and it would be an amazing first experience in the city to check out the On The Run tour. Beyonce’s live performances are ace, and Jay-Z’s live flow and charisma can’t be beat. Hope you guys choose me!

  165. Chris

    Cause I bow down to Beysus and live for Lord HOVA

  166. Tracy

    I was rear-ended, had a medical scare, and my refrigerator broke, all in the past two weeks. No Money left!

  167. Cali22

    If u say and talk to me for 5 mins and I told u what is going on in my life u would give me those tickets

  168. Brian N

    I live 20 minutes from rose bowl and girlfriend would give me back massages 4 a month if I win

  169. Selvin

    Beyonce empowers me to be independent, and Jay-Z reminds me to brush the negativity off my shoulder. Love Rap-up since ’06!

  170. Julio

    Proposed to Crazy In Love at THE ROSE BOWL. This is but a dream to see a legend live for the first time right where my life changed.

  171. Josh Martin

    Could not attend the show due to finances being rough. Paying for school, bills, expenses and taking care of an elderly grandma.

  172. Shon T.

    I would be extremely ecstatic to be bequeathed with these tickets I love and appreciate what they stand for.

  173. Jay

    Cough up those tickets, I have a girl I’m tryna impress man!

  174. Steph

    If I won…I would be my daughter’s hero. We would be willing to fly to CA from WA to attend. I’m thankful my daughter has chosen Beyoncé to adore because she’s a great inspiration and role model for a young girl.

  175. Matthew Garcia

    I have never been to a concert in my life. This would be a great first concert to always remember.

  176. Derek Hooks

    Rap up.

    I feel I should win because I’ve always been a fan of Beyonce since Day One since Destiny’s Child. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.